3 Emerging Trends in the Telecommunications Industry

Each time you take a trip to upgrade your smartphone or device there is new, can’t-miss technology being advertised prominently in the store’s window. When you buy it, you tell yourself “how can my smartphone get any better?” Yet, the next year, you return to the store, and the cycle repeats itself.

Technology is evolving at a stunning rate. To support the growth, so too is the telecommunications industry. Business as usual for telecommunications has been disrupted as many new ideas, trends, and usage have surged the industry forward. As more and more complex, but essential, technology is designed, it will be important for consumers to understand and watch what trends are emerging in the telecommunications industry.

A few of the biggest drivers of trends in the telecommunications industry is the increased popularity of streaming content and the demand for 24/7 connectivity.

Bringing the Internet of Things into Our Lives

The internet of things (IoT) is invading our homes, and some of us don’t even know what it is. Devices that used to be controlled by switches are now able to connect to the internet and be interacted with in a much different way.

Telecommunications companies are aware of the potential for more significant changes than adjusting the thermostat or turning off lights from your smart device. In 2015, companies were already investing hundreds of millions of dollars into the new technology. Soon the technologies that have begun to integrate into our homes and vehicles will follow us (bringing with our personal preferences and data) into the workplace and on the city streets. Life will soon be more interconnected than ever before.

For users to eventually be able to connect wherever and whenever they want, infrastructure will have to first be built to support the use. One of the more considerable infrastructure challenges currently taking form is creating a 5G network

5G Connectivity

Pressure caused by numerous IoT devices and our voracious appetite for streaming video has companies scrambling to introduce new 5G capabilities. Device manufacturers have created tech that can operate at the fast-paced 5G speeds, so now telecommunications company are racing to lay the infrastructure to power the shift from 4G to 5G. Between now and 2020 5G will be rolled out to keep what Gartner estimates as 20.8 billion devices connected to the internet.

5G promises to be 10x faster than its predecessor and enable download speeds of up to 10 Gbps, with 1 Gbps as the norm. The light-speed internet will no doubt provide a boost to the live broadcasting and streaming industries, as well as allow for significant gains in IoT. Smartphone speeds will soar to new heights with the introduction of 5G connectivity.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Online streaming services have made massive gains in the last few years. Last year, a Pew survey found 61% of young adults ages 18 to 29 utilize streaming services over cable or satellite subscriptions. That migration has forced telecommunications companies to merge with or acquire streaming services and offer on-demand options.

Similarly, cable replacement services have gained popularity. Options like PlayStation Vue, Sling, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV are becoming popular hybrids allowing viewers to no longer have to choose between on-demand and cable.

Some telecommunications companies are acquiring the content providers as the best strategy to join in the action. AT&T bought DirectTV in 2014, Verizon purchased AOL and Yahoo!, and Comcast acquired NBC. Telecommunications companies are noticing that owning the content will provide them with the most profits no matter what method is used to consume it.

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