3 Ways IT Staffing Recruiters Help Attract the Best IT Candidates in the Industry

When you’re looking to fill an open IT position in your company, where do you start? You might begin by posting about it online, but vetting the numerous IT job applicants that come in (or dealing with a narrow candidate pool) can make the task feel time-consuming and frustrating. Dealing with the hiring process on your own quickly drains your team’s financial and mental resources – and the longer you leave that position unfilled, the worse it gets for your team.

Fortunately, using a recruiter can drastically improve and expedite your hiring process, saving you countless hours, and ensuring you find the industry’s top IT talent. Here are three ways using an information technology recruiter helps you find the best candidates for your IT hiring needs.

1) Saves You Time and Money

Filtering through IT applications and then arranging interviews can take hours and hours of your team’s time. A recruiter helps vet applications, so you only see the most qualified IT candidates for interviews, saving you hours of wasted time and mental strain. Not only that, but considering how expensive turnover is, wouldn’t you want to find a candidate who’s vetted to stay in the position for several years instead of a few months?

Recruiters will spend time assessing each candidate’s long-term goals so that you only see people who are both qualified and invested in making a long-term move to the right company.

2) Widens Your Candidate Pool

If you’re having trouble getting a variety of applicants, you may need to widen your candidate pool. Luckily, an information technology recruiter is the perfect person to help you do this. Recruiters are constantly in touch with people who may not be “active” job seekers – those who are not necessarily checking LinkedIn or job boards every day, but are still interested in a better employment match should it become available.

These people are some of your best potential IT candidates, and may even be working for your competitors. They’re career-savvy and stay in touch with IT staffing recruiters because they want to discreetly make a job change, and you may be missing out some of the industry’s top talent by not accessing them through a recruiter.

3) Helps You Properly Market the Position

Your company may know exactly what position you’re looking to fill, but do you know how best to market that position to passive IT candidates? A recruiter can help describe the position in terms that their candidate pool finds enticing. They know what they want.

Many IT staffing recruiters specialize in certain markets, and can provide candidates and clients with insider knowledge on what people in their industry typically have in mind for salary or career expectations. They know the trends in the industry and what qualified information technology candidates for your role typically value in terms of workplace culture, flexibility, and other factors.

When you have a recruiter on your side, you can feel confident that they’ll match you with candidates who are not only qualified for the job, but who will be ecstatic to accept that job offer and be a part of your team!

If you are looking for exceptional IT candidates, let’s start the conversation! With our years of industry experience, we have a strong network of the top talent in the country.

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