4 Most In-Demand Remote IT Jobs

Those of us who paid up on our last couch purchase (even if it may have been a little out of the budget) are feeling pretty smart right now. It’s May, and most of us are coming up on week seven or eight of spending almost our entire existence at home. 

As hopeful as it is to hear some states begin their initial steps to reopen, it’s still difficult to predict just how much longer we have to go before we return to normal. And it’s less certain just how “normal” the new normal will be. 

For those of us in IT looking for a new opportunity, or for those of us who kind of like this whole work-from-home-forever thing, there are plenty of organizations offering terrific, entirely remote positions. You can find some of the most in-demand remote IT positions below. 

IT Project Manager

There will always be demand for organized, communicative, and hard-working project managers. Though they are tasked with keeping a diligent eye on many processes, today’s unique circumstances come with the expanded perk of doing all of this work remotely. 

Responsible for planning, budgeting, monitoring, and reporting on specific projects with a variety of tools, project managers are the conduit between senior management and the individual teams responsible for the actual work. Project managers come from a variety of backgrounds and possess a broad range of skills. For any of you with a technical background with a knack for staying on track and motivating others to do so, now is a terrific time to think about taking on an IT project management position. The field is growing rapidly and pays well to boot. 

Cloud Architect

As an increasing number of an organization’s processes transition to the cloud, demand for experienced IT professionals to manage a company’s cloud architecture and position in cloud environments rises: in steps our (powerfully named) cloud architect. 

These individuals are tasked with regularly evaluating cloud applications, hardware, and software, and creating the overall cloud strategy. Because cloud architects must work closely with IT security teams to monitor the company’s cloud privacy and offer strategic guidance in infrastructure movement, excellent communication skills are typically expected in addition to technical prowess. Due to the high demand and value of skillset, cloud architects boast a very respectful average salary.

Application Developer

We can swap out a variety of titles and still be describing essentially the same position here. Software developer, software architect, and application developer roles are all conjoined siblings tasked with developing and modifying source code for software applications. 

Because all of us have most likely spent time this past month deciding which pictures we can delete on our phone to free up space to download our 400th app, it’s hardly a surprise that demand for application developers continues to be strong. As the percentage of businesses that do not have an accompanying app continues its march towards zero, this demand isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Also, the location on the majority of application developer job postings reads “anywhere.”

Front-End Developer

These talented computer programmers specialize in website design, specifically the implementation of visual elements that users ultimately see and interact within a web application. Deciding the foundational structure and design of web pages also falls under their responsibility, as well as working to maintain brand consistency across all web pages.

Front-end developers often collaborate with a variety of other professionals, including backend developers, UX designers, and graphic designers to maintain consistency of design and other elements. Superb communication and interpersonal skills are highly valued. 

US Tech Solutions

If you’re looking to hire your next talented remote IT professional during these unusual times, or if you’re looking for your next remote opportunity, partnering with a specialized staffing firm can make the whole process a lot faster, cheaper, and more fruitful. 

US Tech Solutions is a worldwide leader in IT staffing with robust, international networks and the industry experience required to make the right match for both parties. Get in touch with one of our team members today to learn how we can do it for you.