4 Strategies to Build Remote Teams that Win

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was most crucial for companies to find their footing in the new normal. Meaning there was a need to work out the kinks involved in remote work.

Now, wide-sweeping remote work has been commonplace for enough time that everyone has their feet wet. Instead of worrying about finding steadiness, it’s time to focus on helping your remote teams thrive and flourish. After all, this drastic shift in the workspace has opened pandora’s box, and companies have realized the benefits that come along with it, namely:

  •     Talent diversification
  •     Reduced overhead
  •     Real-time response to business demands 

For these reasons, remote work is here to stay, and it’s time to really start leveraging those advantages. 

This blog will look at four strategies to help your remote team function at its highest:

Fostering an Accountability Culture 

All too often, leaders bandy about the term “accountability” without properly outlining what it is to be accountable. Executives and management must clarify with each team member how they’re responsible for their own actions. Beyond that, it must be explained how much each remote talent’s behaviors impact the big picture. 

Start by clearly establishing which tasks each employee is accountable for. Then create an agreed-upon timetable and plan for all projects. Also, ensure you’re checking in frequently for progress reports so that nobody slips through the cracks. 

Lastly, don’t blame people when deadlines are missed, or issues arise. You’re the leader, so you must take accountability when your team comes up short. That’s how you lead by example and encourage your talent to follow suit. 

Contextualizing Success 

Your remote team must know what success looks like. So, as a leader, the onus is on you to illustrate the big-picture objectives and even short-term goals. Furthermore, you must explain each role’s impact, so everyone knows where they fit into the puzzle. 

Newly formed remote teams need to have an initial meetup that paints this “winning” picture. These video-conference kickoffs can establish interpersonal connections. But, most importantly, this practice unifies everyone’s visions and values. 

Try engaging your team with conversations about these topics during kickoff meetings: 

  •     The overall organizational goals.
  •     Each team member’s expected contribution
  •     Every individual’s role and the overall team objective
  •     The team’s accountability to one another and to the organization
  •     The frequency of inter-team communications 

Following the above guideline will help highlight to everyone what they’re working toward. 

Implementing High-Performing Tech

High-performing remote teams need equipment that matches their talent level. 

Meaning you should clear room in the budget for the most state-of-the-art remote work-based tech possible (within reason, of course). 

Most pivotal in this strategy is implementing cloud-based solutions. This tech allows your organization to share information between teams that are geographically separated.

Embrace Trust Throughout the Company

For whatever reason, many organizations continue to balk at the idea of remote work because they fear the unknown. 

First, it’s vital to acknowledge control issues amongst the most hesitant leaders about embracing the new normal. For some, not being able to loom over talent presents a significant problem. This blog is here to tell you that such a leadership style won’t get you far in 2021. 

Remote teams can bring nearly unparalleled success because of how much you save on overhead.

But to leverage this potential, you must trust your people. Just because you can’t physically peek over their shoulders doesn’t mean your remote team members won’t be just as productive. Remember that they’ve been hired for a reason, and that’s likely because they’re ambitious self-starters. They don’t need someone lying in wait to kick them in the pants. 

It’s a lot easier to trust staff when they have a track record of being high-performing. You can find that kind of difference-making talent by partnering with US Tech Solutions. We have access to a diverse pool of professionals with valuable experience. Whether you’re hiring for an office or a remote environment, we have the recruitment solution for you. Contact us today to find out more.