5 Jobs in High Demand for the Retail Industry

High Demand Jobs Retail

Over the last decade, the job market has shifted greatly. Finding talent in today’s market is challenging for companies regardless of their industry. This has become especially true for the retail sector, an industry where a talent shortage is not a traditional workforce challenge.

As technology changes the way companies conduct business, retailers are shifting how they hire both in-store positions and within their corporate offices. The changing hiring practices have created a demand for new jobs that weren’t previously priorities in the retail industry, which contributes to the difficulty in finding experienced candidates.

What are the top jobs in retail right now? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Software Development

Many retail businesses, especially when working in the e-commerce space, need dedicated software development support. The software demands of the retail industry continue to grow larger as the industry shifts, and there simply are not enough developers to fill the void.

Software developers get their experience a number of ways including college degrees, work experience, and even online training courses. Working with talented, experienced professionals will enhance the online experience or back office needs for any retail company.

2. Information Security

Experts in data privacy, information technology, and information security are in high demand today and this need has become critical for retail corporations. There have been several headline-grabbing situations where national retailers experienced data breaches. With so much customer data to protect, a data breach in the retail industry can affecting millions of people and create massive consequences for retailers.

Working in information security requires a background in areas such as programming, security, project management, and IT support. One of the reasons that Information security is in such high demand is that the industry changes at a rapid pace, which makes training new information security employees challenging.

3. Accounting and Finance

There is no business, regardless of industry, immune from needing expert help with their accounting and finance tasks. Whether it’s a dedicated full-time employee in your accounting department or a tax expert to help out in your busiest season, accounting and finance roles are critical to the success of retail.

As you might imagine, when all industries of business require accounting and finance professionals, there’s inevitably high demand. If you need accounting professionals, tax experts, compliance professionals, or administrative assistance, it’s helpful to work with a staffing partner who specializes in recruiting in the accounting and finance area.

4. E-Commerce

80% of Americans shop online, which creates a massive demand for e-commerce professionals in the retail industry. Executives, operations specialists, developers, logistics coordinators, there’s no shortage of e-commerce needs for retailers in today’s job market. E-commerce is affecting how the retail hires throughout their organizations, as the shift in how customers shop effects how retailers present their brand. Even the marketing and advertising jobs that retailers are hiring for are changing to account for e-commerce.

5. Human Resources

Similar to accounting and finance, no modern business can function today without the right human resources representatives to protect both the corporation and the employee interests. There was a time when HR was simply a procedure and paperwork-driven position, but that has changed drastically just over the last few years. Today, big data is driving the industry.

For retail, there are several options for human resources. By partnering with a recruitment agency, you can hire a long-term experience representative for your organization. Or you can work with the agency for recruitment process outsourcing, which can give you the flexibility you need.

Are you looking for help for your retail company? Big or small, US Tech Solutions can provide the right on-demand staffing solutions for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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