5 New Innovations From the E-Learning Industry

5 New Innovations from the E-Learning Industry

We’ve come a long way within the realm of learning. It used to be a one-dimensional, authoritarian approach with rigid, strict, and sometimes physical abuse – dunce cap anyone?

To the teacher and employer’s credit, resources today have vastly improved from the past. It was 1801 when the first blackboard was invented – pencils and paper were first mass produced in 1900 (pens, 1938) – after various stages of development, the personal computer began to be introduced in the early 1980s – today, we carry around supercomputers in our pockets.

The technology that has evolved combined with psychological research depicting everyone’s capacity for learning creates massive potential within the E-Learning space.

E-Learning offers a way to learn that is both efficient and productive. These are five innovations within E-Learning that can bolster your team today.

1.      Adaptive Learning with Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive learning is a way to educate subjects based on personalized criteria. Adaptive learning curates an experience for an individual based on their:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Goals
  • Engagement patters

Instead of going through a lesson in a one-dimensional pathway, artificial intelligence will lead the individual to learn as efficiently and effectively as possible.

2.      Gamification and Game-Based Learning

Gamification puts the learner in a position to be recognized as they learn.  With this recognition, the user becomes more engaged and more inclined to put forth the effort in their learning development. Gamification offers rewards for high achievers. This not only helps in engagement but also provides a dopamine release which heightens the user’s experience. Users want to replicate the success, and therefore continue the learning process.

3.      Microlearning

Microlearning effectively helps an individual by understanding how the brain operates. After a period of time, the mind will begin to drift and is unable to stay engaged as it once was in the beginning. With microlearning, chunks of information are delivered in small bits to ensure the information is captured when the brain is engaged. Also, by getting rid of the clutter and focusing only on the important concepts, the individual is much more likely to retain the information.

4.      AR/VR/MR

Augmented, virtual and mixed realities offer an individual a very accurate depiction of something in real life. This is very useful when resources are low, or the situation is complicated or even dangerous; such as when a surgeon needs to practice open heart surgery before operating on a patient.

Or a military member practicing a real firefight without the threat of live ammunition. Experience is one of the most impactful ways humans learn, and these technologies offer that ability.

5.      Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning management software is a software program designed to create, track, and report training that’s been conducted. This is an essential piece to an overall training strategy and works to improve the performance and retention of its workforce. These systems, “are used to deploy a variety of learning strategies across different formats, including formal, experiential and social learning to manage functions such as compliance training, certification management and sales enablement.”

Find Innovation with US Tech Solutions

At US Tech Solutions, we work with corporate training organizations, K-12 schools, higher education institutions and publishers to integrate course material into learning management systems as well as develop and migrate content for maximizing the mobile experience.

If you’re looking to tap into new, innovative ways to engage and get the most out of training, contact one of our E-Learning recruiting experts today.

Contact US Tech Solutions to see what we’re working on today.

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