5 Practical Tips to Help Recruit More Diverse Talent

Ensuring workspaces are diverse will only help an organization grow. Yes, as industry leaders, it’s crucial to be a diversity and equity advocate for reasons more than your bottom line.

Still, diverse recruitment initiatives go beyond doing what’s right in a moral sense. Instead, it revolves majorly around what’s advantageous for organizations.

Mixing a melting pot of people together means a company benefits from multiple perspectives. Conversely, a workspace with too many of the same looking faces with similar backgrounds is conducive to everyone trying to solve problems from adjacent viewpoints.

More to the point: diversity is profitable, according to a previously written blog by US Tech Solutions. Compared to boards of directors filled with similar-looking faces, diverse boards generated 95% higher returns.

Now, rushing into hiring diversity candidates doesn’t mean everything will start clicking via osmosis. Successfully implementing diversity and equity hiring requires your adherence to strategically sound practices, of which 5 will be discussed below:

1. Make Advantageous Connections

Whether you’re attempting to attract customers or recruits, it’s about finding the most lucrative spaces to market your brand.

The numbers tell the story: America’s population is around 63% non-Hispanic Caucasian. Mathematics dictates that diversity hires require extra digging to find, as it’s a highly specific and targeted candidate base.

Therefore, you must look in the correct places. Start with your campus recruiting strategy.

Namely, industry experts suggest partnering with historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI). Plus, schools such as Rutgers, University of Hawaii, Andrews University, and Stanford are home to many underrepresented talents.

2. Position Your Company as a Diversity Hub

Marketing was already mentioned in the previous suggestion, and it’s a theme that interconnects throughout several recruitment strategies.

In this instance, the subject of brand imaging plays a pivotal role. It’ll be hard to hire exceptionally talented diversity candidates when your company’s reputation is mired in musings about underrepresentation. Such individuals will seek out work with other organizations with a stellar diversity brand as opposed to yours.

Start your diversity branding with your career’s page on your website, and ensure the imaging conveys diversity. Make a clear statement with distinct messaging about it. Include a charter and demographic statistics to show candidates that your company holds itself accountable.

Keep these diversity branding efforts consistent across all platforms, including social media and any printed materials. Don’t be afraid to inform your audience across all channels about awards your organization received for being diverse and inclusive.

3. Embrace Remote Technology

The fact that diversity candidates require more effort to find due to making up a smaller percentage of the US population has already been discussed.

Thus, finding these talented individuals can drain your resources because you’re investing more time and money into finding them. Cut costs where you can as to increase your ROI when making these hires.

Namely, do away with traditional in-person career fairs. Replace them with remote/virtual events that cost significantly less while attracting just as much, if not more, talent. This method makes you easily accessible. Candidates won’t have to worry about the logistics involved in reaching a physical event.

Here’s a list of career fair platforms to consider.

 4. Your Employees Are Some of Your Best Recruiters

Here’s the “M” word again: the best way to market your employer diversity brand is through your employees’ word-of-mouth. In this case, it should be your most diverse workers who do the talking.

For this strategy to bear fruit, you must hone your diversity referral recruiting programs. Primarily, the success of this initiative comes down to messaging and clear communication. Be transparent and upfront with your team. Let them know where you stand with diversity, your long-term objectives, and how you intend to reach those goals.

The result will be employees who buy into your vision. They’ll begin spreading the word throughout their networks. From there, you might find yourself with lucrative inroads into multiple circles and communities teeming with underrepresented talent.

5.  Walk the Walk

There’s a universe-sized difference between showing and telling.

Your website, social media, and PR statements might all include language supporting diversity and inclusion. However, what does it all mean when you aren’t showing your commitment beyond workplace confines?

Forge educational and community partnerships. For instance, Intel Capital recently launched the Intel Capital Diversity Fund. The plan is to provide technology startups run by women and underrepresented minorities with a leg up.

These efforts don’t need to be on a massive scale. Figure out how to give back in a way that fits your budget

Bonus Tip: Align with a Recruiter Who’s Certified as a Minority Business Enterprise.

The soundest strategy is often leaning on experts to get the job done right.

Speaking of which: US Tech Solutions is a minority business enterprise with a passion for this subject matter. We have access to a vast pool of diversity and equity candidates who could play an integral role in your organization’s ongoing growth for generations to come.


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