How These 5 Technological Trends are Leading the Charge in Life Sciences and Healthcare Hiring

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, more and more companies within the pharmaceutical and life science industries are looking for candidates with a specific set of skills to add to their roster to help overcome operational and regulatory challenges and help catapult their business into the future.

Hiring managers are hard-pressed to keep up with the increasing demand for talent due to the following trends.

1. Cyber Security

Every year, fewer and fewer businesses have the privilege of saying they have not been a victim of a cyberattack. Hackers continue to devise new ways to harass and steal, and companies must respond with equal force to protect themselves.

The health sciences are especially vulnerable due to the nature of the data at risk. Important IP information, confidential patient data are all potentially up for grabs and rank high on the hit-list for online pirates.

Shoring up their defenses to incredibly high standards is extremely important for life science companies, as attacks have ramped up in recent years and that trend is expected to continue.

2. Big Data

More leaders in life sciences are adapting to and embracing the prevalence of big data analytics within the industry.

However, nearly 75% of biopharma leaders admit they are merely at the early stages of their digital development. Companies who were early adapters to the analytics movement and are further along in their development are actively seeking out chief digital officers (CDO’s) to cement their competitive advantage further.

Understanding that ramping up these efforts will be key to staying afloat in this increasingly digital space is widespread, and those behind the curve have joined the arm’s race to acquire the talent necessary to stay relevant.

3. Bioinformatics

The fusion of biology and computer science continues to become more fundamental to research in life sciences. In a recent study of 1,260 faculty members representing institutions in all fifty states, there was overwhelming agreement that bioinformatics knowledge is crucial for biology students to reach the full potential of their education and their ensuing careers.

As more and more big data is produced from genomic sequences, the need for people with the technical savvy to interface with it continues to rise.  Whether its software engineers, specialists, scientists or analysts, bioinformatic roles continue to crowd job listings as hiring trends mirror the consensus among university professionals of the field’s foundational place in the contemporary scientific world.

4. 3D Printing

The life sciences and healthcare industries have proven to be one of the cozier homes for 3D printing technology. With an unrivaled capability to deliver medical products that are more precise, personalized, and of a higher quality than other methods of manufacturing, demand for the utilization of this technology is at an all-time high. More candidates with design, engineering, and modeling expertise are garnering interest from biomedical companies than ever before, reflecting predictions the 3D printing industry will be worth over $5 billion by 2020.

Impactful ways in which the healthcare industry can leverage 3D printing applications (like printing an organ) is only expected to increase as companies continue to push the envelope on its applications and the technology itself naturally improves.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Even in its practical infancy, AI has consistently flashed its wide-reaching potential in healthcare. Industry experts readily agree that virtually all sectors of the field will eventually be reshaped on some meaningful level by AI.

Whether it’s advancing diagnostical efficacy, accelerating drug development, improving research methods for new products, the benefits and competitive advantages are far too obvious to ignore, and developing more ways to employ artificial intelligence has become a strategical imperative for the life science world.

U.S. Tech Solutions

Looking to fill a hiring need in of these hotbed specialties?  U.S. Tech Solutions has an unparalleled understanding of the industry inside and out and have years of the professional excellence required to help you acquire, manage, and optimize the right kind of talent.

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