5 Warning Signs that You Should Look for a New Job

5 Warning Signs It's Time for a New Job

It’s normal to leave work after a busy day feeling pretty exhausted and relieved. However, if you are going to work spiritless, or even angry, a majority of your days, it might be time to start looking for another job.

Moving jobs and seeking more fulfilling work is more common than most would believe. Millennials have acquired a reputation for being job-hoppers, but a closer look at the data suggests that Baby Boomers enjoyed job hopping just as much when they were in their 20’s. Regardless of your age, your goal should be to acquire a job that you want to be at, not somewhere where you are just getting by.

Sometimes that takes more than one, two, or even a few tries. If you are one of the many people feeling apathetic on a daily basis, here are 5 warning signs that you should start to look for a new job.

1. You Feel Complacent

When you hate your job, it’s easy to recognize that it’s time for a new job. Where you can end up getting stuck in a position is when you feel complacent at your job.

There is nothing wrong with feeling ok about your work situation. However, wouldn’t it be better to feel fabulous about work? If you merely feel ok or good about your job, chances are that will lead to complacency and the eventual self-acceptance that feeling ok about your job is good enough.

One should never accept feeling complacent at their job. Even if you are a part of a company where promotions are hard to come by, you should feel like you’re working toward the next step in your career. If you don’t feel like your job is following a trajectory, it’s a warning sign that you need a new opportunity.

2. Lack of Communication

It’s important to know where you stand with your employer. If you’re not getting feedback from your supervisors or, if the input you’re receiving is bland and generic, it is hard to move forward in your company.

If you’re not getting the communication you need to identify how to move your career forward with your company, ask for it. If upon asking there remains a communication gap, it’s time to look for a new job.

A lack of communication can also reveal itself if you’re not feeling heard. If you work on a project extensively, you should have a say in how that project is run. If your company is not listening to your voice, it could be time to find somewhere that will value your expertise and requests.

3. Poor Leadership

Sometimes it feels like you are a million miles away from the top executives at your company. You might wonder why policies are changing or noticing there is a lot of employee turnover. If you are encountering a few bosses a year or are constantly having to integrate new employees on your team, it might signal a rocky road ahead. Change can be useful, but if your missions are changing too often, you might get lost in confusion at your place of work.

4. Taking a Toll on Your Health and Relationships

Do you find yourself feeling sick and fatigued more often? Do you even have time at work to take a sick day and visit the doctor? You should not have to sacrifice a healthy lifestyle for work. If you are responsibly using your sick days, you should have more than enough to be only feeling 100 percent when you come to work.

Having a healthy work-life balance should also be an essential concern. Your personal life should not be strained by what is happening at work. Similarly, you should not have to build up courage in a mirror before asking for a personal day or time off.

5. Your Being Recruited by Other Companies

With such low unemployment, many headhunters might be reaching out to you even while you are not searching. If you are being contacted, don’t ignore what they are saying. Your field of expertise might be “trending.” If you are not feeling at home at your current workplace, seriously consider some of the pitches you might be getting from those emails and LinkedIn notifications. For the ones that draw your interest, give the recruiters a call. By learning and talking about other opportunities, you may discover that the grass is greener at another employer.

Have you noticed any of these warning signs? If so, it’s probably time to consider other opportunities. Here at US Tech Solutions, we work with a wide range of organizations that offer appealing employment opportunities. Learn more about the endless opportunities available to professionals who use our recruiting services.

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