Boo – scare off the bad hire

“Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the scariest of all”, ask any recruiting supervisor and the answer will be ‘a bad hire’.

Halloween spooky stories and horror tricks are interesting but not a bad hire. According to the survey released by Mindflash, an on-line training firm, 41% of the supervisors say a poor hire cost them at least $25,000 along with other 25% quoted $50,000.

Yet the price is not the only variable, other impacts like loss of co-workers morale and workforce productivity are also there.

Leo Welder, founder of, the entrepreneur’s startup guide, tells one of his own experience. “Although I hired a content writer that had strong expertise and ability, we overlooked some possible attitude problems. Over a period of time, her negative outlook snowballed into an important problem for her coworkers and managers. Despite her functionality that is great, we had to let her go. We believed our ability would damage but the increased motivation of the team and the removal of her distractions caused a net increase in our total productivity. The encounter was rather a lesson. A poor worker can actually not be better for productivity than no worker”.

The more we dig deeper more stories will come out. But how do firms land bad hires? Based on a survey done by career builder, a leading job search website, there are 4 primary reasons of a bad hire

a) Haste to fill the position immediately

b) Improper screening and research on candidate’s ability

C) Failure to perform reference checks that are satisfactory

d) Improper culture match

Everyone knows that a right talent affects profitability and business growth while a poor one impacts negatively. So how such cases can be avoided by a recruiting supervisor?

a) Plan well – Prevent haste and plan your recruiting strategies well ahead of time in accordance with your business goals. (6 simple steps to hiring)

b) Research – Look for information beyond a candidate’s curriculum vitae. First screening questions that are appropriate and social profiles are great instruments to weed out misfits. (The means to see a fake curriculum vitae)

c) Always reference check – Little but a powerful tool, gather as much as reference possible and phone all to have a definite image. In case the preceding workers are uncertain in speaking about the candidate, consider it as a red flag. Manage this measure with diligence and prevent the problem of a bad hire

d) Give your worker an excellent first day at job – First impression last long. According to a research, chances for a new hire to look for a new opportunity within two weeks of joining are high. Make the hire feel comfortable by preparing their work space in advance, give an effective orientation and introduction to all workers. Keep them moved and nurture their first thrills nicely.

‘A stitch in time saves the nine’ likewise a well as the old expression goes -planned hiring can prevent bad hires. Wishing you happy hiring this Halloween season.

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