How to Be a Client of Choice for Freelancers and Independent Contractors

Today’s marketplace is vastly different from that of just a decade ago. With more U.S. workers becoming part of the gig economy, companies have to position themselves as a client of choice to attract the top contractors or freelancers available on the market. How do you do that when you’re business model has always focused on the employee/employer relationship model?

Here are 4 gig-economy best practices to get you started.

  • Value their work. It’s true, independent contractors are not employees, but that doesn’t mean gratitude isn’t appreciated. Their projects are as important to your company’s overall success as the work your permanent employees are doing, so show that. Gratitude is contagious, so by valuing the work of your contractors you will keep them engaged and happy and improve the overall satisfaction of their assignment.
  • Focus on results, not processes. There are a lot of things to consider regarding contract employment. In many cases, since a contractor isn’t a permanent employee, they have more autonomy in their day to day work. For you, this means you should focus on the results of their work rather than the processes. You hired an experienced contractor for a reason and as long as the work is the quality you need, don’t worry as much about the process between.
  • Allow for flexibility. People who choose jobs in the gig economy or to work for themselves through a series of contract assignments do so because they want flexibility. Make sure they have it or they may leave your project for another gig. Flexibility comes in more forms than just hours. For example, you don’t need to demand they work from your office every day. You don’t need to require them to use your processes or equipment. Give them space to do good work for your business.
  • Provide engaging projects. Finally, to keep your contractors engaged, make sure you’re providing projects and assignments that are engaging and tap into their interests and expertise. Independent professionals do contract work because they like the freedom of working for themselves for projects and assignments. When you work together to improve their overall experience, you’ll both benefit from the working relationship.

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