The Contingent Workforce: Best Hiring Practices

The Contingent Workforce: Best Hiring Practices

Just three years ago, there were an estimated 44 million contingent workers in the United States. This number is only growing as more people are opting to leave the traditional workplace for more flexible employment opportunities.

Have you considered hiring contingent employees for your open positions? The temporary staffing industry and the caliber of short and long-term employees has come a long way in just the last few decades, and today’s industry is taking advantage of the trends. There are many reasons contingent hiring might be a perfect fit for your company.

Busy Seasons or Large Projects

Some industries do much more business in the summertime or around the holidays. But the expense of hiring permanent employees during this time is extreme and, after the season or project is over, what happens to all of your new employees?

Avoid the aftermath and costly layoffs by working with a contingent workforce to help during your busy season or large projects. A staffing provider can work with you to determine the best team of people to help out. This allows the employees to feel more comfortable since they’ll have an opportunity to be placed again once their assignment is complete. This kind of relationship lowers your employment risk as well since your contingent workforce will be employed by the agency.

Avoid Overtime

Have you ever been concerned that your current team is overworked? Or are you expecting significant overtime hours to complete the work? If the amount of work you need done exceeds what can be completed in an 8-hour workday, one solution may be more employees. Rather than investing in permanent employees to handle the overflow, work with a staffing partner to provide contingent workers.

Your contingent workforce can be assigned the backlog of work. So rather than paying time and a half to your team, you can pay a fee to the agency or work with the employee as an independent contractor.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Of course, short term and on-demand placements aren’t the only employment solutions that a staffing partner can provide. Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows you to get the benefits of a dedicated human resources and hiring department without the added division within your organization.

An RPO can offer you global reach, full life-cycle recruiting, project based hiring solutions, and co-sourcing solutions that partner with your internal team. Whatever your specific needs are, a staffing partner can help you develop the right solutions for a contingent workforce.

Could Working with a Contingent Workforce Be Right for Your Company?

Contact US Tech Solutions to find out more about partnering with us.

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