Create a Staffing Plan that Works

Do you regularly review and adjust your staffing plan to ensure that you’re on track with potential employees and necessary skills throughout the year? Many companies view hiring as a reactionary process. It starts with a need and ends with a new hire. But there may be some benefit to reviewing your company and making a plan for hiring down the line. Even in the instance where an unforeseen hire is necessary, having a staffing plan in place will allow you to keep calm and carry on. Here are some things to consider when establishing your staffing plan.

  • Take a look at your long term goals. Many employers think that hiring begins when the search begins, but pre-planning your staffing may prove to have plenty of long term benefits to your overall business structure. What are your long term business goals? What talent do you need in-house or on a contract basis to meet those goals? And where are you with those skills today?
  • Identify the things that will affect your workplace. There will be instances where it makes sense to hire someone on a permanent basis. Other times, you may elect to work with a contractor or temporary employee. For example, if the position is meant to be part of a project and you may have to let that person go once it is complete, hiring a permanent employee will be more disruptive than working with a staffing partner to find a temporary personnel solution.
  • Create a current skills inventory. Look at all of your current employees. What skills do they bring to the table? Don’t only focus on what they do in the day-to-day. Talk to your team about what else they have an interest in and what other skills they may be able to expand on to help your business grow and thrive. You may have hidden talent right under your nose that you’re not taking full advantage of within your company.
  • Analyze the gaps in your workforce. What are the missing pieces? Where do you need to add staff to ensure that you’re company is working up to your productivity levels and future goals? This is where you can begin to determine the new roles that you should be adding to your company to make sure that you can get from point A to point B in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
  • Create the upcoming staffing plan. Once you have gone through this entire exercise, you will be in a better position to understand your true needs for the coming year in terms of employment. Even when something unforeseen happens, you still be in a better position to react productively when it’s necessary. Talk with you staffing partner about your long term goals and short term needs to see how they can assist in the process.

Can we help you establish your staffing plan? Contact the team at US Tech Solutions to learn more today.

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