Data Science

Today companies need to have the right information available at the right time. US Tech Solutions brings extensive experience analyzing complex enterprise data and transforming it into rich business intelligence that can be used to drive decisions. We help our customers develop a comprehensive master data plan or any aspect of the same- data quality assessment, standards development, architecture, governance, and deployment. Our goal is to make sure that the available historical data can be used to accurately predict future performance, extrapolated based on patterns and trends, and leveraged to take critical and timely business decision.

We can deliver on a strategic master data plan as well as develop industry-specific solutions for reporting, data mining, data modeling, performance management, and benchmarking of both’’ operational and financial information.

How We Help Our Customers:

  • Define Data Standards (content, accuracy, format, timeliness) to ensure a consistent global view of the business
  • Define Data Schemas (hierarchies and groupings)
  • Define Data Architecture (where, when, how and why)
  • Harmonize data to enable consolidation
  • Increase data accuracy for improved business intelligence and decision making
  • Develop a data governance policy controlling data ownership, access, etc.


  • Data Integrity Assessment
  • Data Strategy and Roadmap
  • Data Standards
  • Data Governance Policy
  • Business Intelligence Design and Development
  • Expertise with BI solutions