Dreaming of a Silicon-Healthcare World? Hello Candidates—Opportunity is Knocking

At times, it can feel as though there’s a monopoly on top tech talent. The silhouettes of promising engineers and developers can cast a shadow over other industries as they fly towards the Mecca of the tech world: Silicon Valley.

It’s hard to blame them.

Silicon Valley has long captured the imagination of hopeful innovators, converting dreams,  ideas, and technical prowess into cold hard cash. Year after year, tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Apple continually rank at the top of the list of ideal employers for undergraduates.

The idea capital of the United States seems to cast a spell, singing a song of endless innovation, countless dreams, and reckless opportunity.

But is it really the only home for every aspiring tech candidate? What else is being overlooked in this modern-day gold rush to the Bay Area?

Once you blink away the flash from the bright lights of Silicon Valley, a new giant comes into focus: Healthcare. The single largest grossing industry in America. And it’s happy to share its wealth with talented engineers, developers, and other skilled tech candidates.

We’ll explore why healthcare makes such a great home for tech candidates, and why the two industries are becoming increasingly intertwined in 2019:


Big Tech in Healthcare

The healthcare industry continues to modernize its operations and systems as wave upon wave of new technologies emerge. These include AI, telehealth, wearable medical devices, mobile health apps, and much more. The increasing amount of technological applications generate incredible amounts of data, opening more avenues for software developers and engineers.

In recent years, Big Tech has been directing more and more of its attention towards healthcare with companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google all investing in projects to transform products and processes. For example, the Amazon Echo, estimated to be in nearly 75 million homes, is being tested for a range of medical applications ranging from helping patients manage chronic medical conditions like diabetes at home, to assisting surgeons during operations.

As tech giants continue to encroach on the industry (Google alone filed 186 healthcare-related patents from 2013-2017), more and more hospital systems and clinics will need an increasing number of software engineers, information technology professionals, and technicians to help implement new technologies.


Increasing Focus on Technological Care and Cybersecurity

Telehealth, mobile health apps, and wearables are becoming enormous parts of routine healthcare. Hospital systems are continually seeking new, more effective methods to reach increasing health populations and improve patient outcomes. In 2019 and beyond, professional consensus agrees that the majority of health systems will have to accelerate their uptake and adoption of virtual care and telehealth to provide quality care and stay competitive in the market.

This growing emphasis on technology-based care ultimately creates a wealth of rewarding opportunities for network developers, software engineers, data analysts, and more within the industry.

In addition to virtual care, cybersecurity consistently ranks as a top concern for healthcare leaders in 2019. Information breaches are an unfortunate reality to businesses regardless of industry, but they are particularly concerning to those in healthcare due to the type of information at risk. Chief technology officers, senior VPs of technology, and comparable positions are in high demand as organizations aim to shore up their cyber defenses and reduce vulnerabilities.


U.S. Tech

Need a hand attracting top-notch tech candidates to your organization? The recruiting experts at U.S. Tech Solutions have built their reputation on connecting great talent with great organizations. Get in touch with us today and take advantage of our powerful network and deep industry experience. 

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