Eureka! Fostering Innovation in Your Company Culture

fostering innovation

Innovation is one of the top buzz words in business today. For many companies, innovation is the key to their ongoing success, but for others, it is a challenge to build culture around innovation. 

If you’re looking to stay on the cutting edge of your industry, you need to empower your staff to think outside the box. So how do you build innovation into your culture? Here are a few tips to get you started. 

Challenges to Implementation 

Innovation presents some unique challenges. You’re changing the way that your team thinks and approaches work, not to mention adding new tools to your toolbox. Even though brainstorming and developing new ideas may look fun from the outside, it takes work to get to the point where innovation comes naturally. 

Authentic innovation is, in fact, not all that much funTo reach inside yourself and find that something extra needed for true innovation, you must feel the heat of a high-pressure task. In the end, necessity is the mother of innovation. 

Innovation cannot be treated as an extracurricular activity, it needs to be vital to your operations for it to be taken seriously. 

Build Curiosity into Your Organization 

Building new solutions to existing problems is driven by asking questions. Even established processes benefit from the question, “Is this the best way of accomplishing this task?” For some of your employees, that mindset comes naturally. Lean on those employees to help spread that skillset. 

Innovation challenges are a great way to kickstart the process of encouraging curiosity, but for it to truly bloom, it should also be present in employee’s daily work. This will be difficult to swallow for some employees. Some of your staff may want to stick with what they know and not waste time changing things. That complacency hinders innovation by resisting change simply because it may be extra work. 

Make it Easy 

If you don’t take time early to set the culture, you will get a crisis when you need innovation. It can start by setting aside twenty minutes in a weekly meeting to explore new ideas for making things better and then following through. Carve out unstructured time for team members to focus on ideas. 

Don’t Forget Inclusivity 

HR will be a catalyst for inspiring and encouraging all employees to tap into their “inner entrepreneur.” After all, innovation is about talent and culture. In this way, HR will help promote an environment of inclusion and diversity, as the best ideas rarely arise when everyone on the team hails from the same background. 

US Tech Solutions 

Is your company looking to add talent to your team? Contact US Tech Solutions to see what we’re working on today. 

Are you looking to add talent to your team?

Contact US Tech Solutions to see what we’re working on today.

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