Healthcare in 2020: Big Data and The Push for Interoperability

It’s 2020, and the digital transformation continues to course its way through the healthcare industry. As it does, the amount of patient data housed within multiple information systems swells to sizes that are nearly unfathomable. 

While there is an incredible amount of value within this data that’s readily available to hospital systems, accessing and communicating that information across a variety of channels remains a significant challenge. 

Today, a high number of patients have fairly robust medical histories and often receive treatment at more than one health facility, which makes maintaining reliable communication difficult. While a given patient may be treated within the same network, exchanging their medical data across multiple facilities is often inefficient and prone to errors. 

Because of this, interoperability (the ability for multiple healthcare information technologies to seamlessly interpret, exchange, and use patient data) has emerged a key imperative across the industry, a recent study from Deloitte indicates

Furthermore, The US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology recently enacted a set of regulations to encourage more focused and regimented interoperability initiatives. These regulations encourage plans and providers to share and communicate data at higher levels of efficiency to markedly improve the quality of patient care.

The Deloitte study also shows that providers aren’t simply ticking the boxes in response to recent regulations, but rather are viewing ramping up their interoperability efforts as a clear strategic necessity: 63% of health plan and 43% of health system leaders reported that they plan to use the compliance requirements as merely a starting part for much more holistic and aggressive interoperability plans.  

As emerging technologies continue to modify and reshape industries as we know it, an agile, adaptive leadership team has never been more valuable to organizations. In the coming years, healthcare will continue to grapple with the need for greater communication, transparency, and seamless information exchange practices amidst a big data explosion, and the need for leadership to deliver innovative, strategic solutions will only increase both in importance to their organizations and for the outcomes of their patients. 

US Tech Solutions

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