Here’s How to Nail Your Interview in Financial Services

The art of the interview has changed dramatically since the turn of the 21st century. With added technology and resources, the job search of today is drastically different from that of just a couple decades ago. But there is still a standard that every company holds when it comes to interviews. We haven’t evolved past this professional meeting as a determiner for qualifications and fit, so it’s important that every financial services candidate take it seriously. So how can you nail your next interview? Here are just a couple tips to get you started.

  1. Demonstrate the importance of your contributions. Even if you have all the necessary experience to perform the job, it’s important to determine why you were selected out of all the candidates for the interview. This allows you to position your experience in the interview as the right solution to the company’s problems. You need to communicate how important you are and how your contribution will positively impact their company. And, without displaying arrogance, you need to let them know that not hiring you would be a mistake.
  2. Support your background with data. Financial services is, at its core, all about numbers. So while you want to make a good personal impression, you should also use your strengths to cite facts and data in the interview. You can make general estimates, but pay attention to overall accuracy. Bad or exaggerated data can be quickly confirmed in a job reference. Position your information as a way you can save the company time or money if you’re hired.
  3. Pay attention to their needs. The company doesn’t want to hire just any financial services professional. They want someone who understands their specific needs. So do your homework before the interview to prepare. You want to adapt your experience in terms of what it is this company does and what they’re looking for. Use information you’ve learned from the job description or company website to explain your experience in a way that matches their needs.
  4. Be yourself. Ultimately, no matter what the position is for, you need to be genuine and honest in your interview. If you are not, you may find yourself accepting a job in an environment that isn’t a match for your interests, skills, or personality. Without this honesty, if you’re hired, the company will quickly determine that you’re not who they were expecting on the job and may have to adjust accordingly.

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