Hiring Has Changed: Here’s How You Need to Adapt

The last several months have been a whirlpool of worries for organizations regardless of industry. 

Many have dealt with the unpleasant realities of wide-ranging layoffs, hamstrung financial projections, and scrambling to adapt strategies for an uncertain future. 

As we head into June, and as states begin initial phases to reopen, organizations are faced with yet another new challenge: how to hire during the current crisis and after. 

How do we adapt our hiring practices to fit the new landscape?

What potential issues do our current practices present?

How has what employees expect from their employers changed?

We’ll address concerns like these and share some tips on how companies need to modify their hiring practices to succeed in today’s new normal. 

Embrace change

The current crisis has left little if any business process untouched. Jack Whatley, a recruiting strategist from www.humancodeofhiring.com, explains that “the fallout will fundamentally change recruiting and hiring practices long after the pandemic has passed.”

These changes extend beyond organizations to the jobseekers themselves. “Safety and job stability are at the top of mind for the job seeker now—and that changes what they want in a job. Businesses will have to become employee-centric as well as customer-centric,” continues Whatley. 

At an organizational level, it’s important to come to terms with the new world in which we now live, and step forward into the ensuing months embracing change as a cohesive, united front. Be honest and straightforward about the changes you need to deploy and ensure to place employees at the top of your value system, alongside your customers and clients. 

New needs

Before we explore the new jobseeker’s needs, we want to acknowledge the needs that aren’t new. Compensation and opportunities for advancement still rank near the top of the current job seeker’s wish lists. They just occupy smaller slices of the pie chart than they have traditionally. 

Safety, job security/stability, and company culture are now acutely valuable. While money will always speak loudest, job seekers are being extra wary when they engage with organizations throughout the hiring process. 

How an employer treats its employees and candidates throughout the hiring process matters more now than ever before. The human factors making up an overall company will be evaluated with unprecedented scrutiny. A company’s culture and values, and the authenticity (or inauthenticity) behind them, will play a tremendous role as organizations vie for top talent. 

And the pre-coronavirus headlines regarding top talent still apply, perhaps even more so, even though so many Americans are currently looking for work. 

Companies are emerging from the pandemic far leaner than they were before, and thus the competition for the top of the talent pool will still be at its fever pitch. 

Organizations will need to immediately reevaluate their hiring protocols and ensure they are as streamlined as possible. To win the best talent, companies need to make sure their candidate experience engages with people sooner, faster, and more thoughtful than before, and that their culture and values are presented convincingly and genuinely along the way. 

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