Do Your Homework: How to Evaluate a Potential Employer

Do Your Homework: How to Evaluate a Potential Employer

Hunting for a job can be tiring, even for the most experienced candidates. Often, because interviews can be stressful, candidates forget to learn about the employer. How can you fully commit to a job when you don’t know anything about the company? 

Take the time to evaluate the company you are interviewing with. Some of it requires some behind the scenes research, while the rest is done at the interview. Here are few tips to make sure you know what you’re getting into. 

Establish Your Expectations 

The first step in the evaluation should be establishing your expectations. Make a list of the qualities that you want in a company, as well as the perks you’d like from your employer. Once you have a feel for what you’re looking for you can more accurately search for information.  

Remember that companies are interviewing a range of candidates, they may not know what you’re looking for. If you know what to ask about you can do some digging and make a much more informed decision on the position. 

Interview Your Interviewer 

While candidates usually prepare themselves for the traditional interview questions, many forget to ask the right questions of their employer. Not only can asking the right questions to set you apart from other applicants, but it is also a great way to get more information about the company. 

The type of questions you ask your interviewer should stem from what you need to know in to fully evaluate the position. This means the questions you chose to prioritize should be well thought out. It should go back and forth; the interview shouldn’t be an interrogation. 

Come prepared with a few questions about the culture, training and development, and other important factors. Even questions as simple as “Why do you like working here?” can give you valuable knowledge. If you have notes with you, you’ll be less likely to forget to interview your interviewer. 

How are They Reviewed? 

Many sites such as Glassdoor and Monster offer the ability for companies to be anonymously reviewed by current and former employees. This can be valuable info for candidates, but it should also be taken with a grain of salt. Anonymity can invite reviewers to be much harsher than they would be in person. Pay attention to factors that are repeated across many reviews, as they generally point to the truth. 

In addition, search social media streams, such as Twitter or LinkedIn, to see what people are saying about the company and what news the company posts about itself. Checking real-time social media, as well as an anonymous employer review site like Glassdoor, can give you a good picture of the company and its culture. 

Pay Attention to Small Cues 

Outside of doing your own research and making sure to ask the right questions, a lot can be learned by picking up on cues in your interactions with a company. Pay attention to how your interviewer runs the interview. Are they asking questions to get a feel for your strengths or are they trying hard to sell you the position?  

When you see other employees, do people look generally happy or are everyone stoic and quiet? Another thing to watch for are the questions you ask that the interviewer dodges or deflects. If you are concerned with the potential for advancement and training, you should be wary of an interviewer who avoids answering your questions.  

Although it seems stressful, every part of your interview experience can give you valuable information. Do your research, ask questions that matter to you and pay attention to the atmosphere. All these things will provide you with a good look at what working at the company would be. 

US Tech works passionately for you to get the right career opportunity across a broad range of industries and functions. If you’re looking for your next stop on your career journey, get in touch today to learn about our placement process. 

Looking for new career opportunities?

Contact US Tech Solutions today.

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