Hottest Emerging Careers, Skills, and Salaries in Tech Staffing

Living in the digital age means the tech industry keeps twisting and turning faster by the minute. Keeping up with the current employment landscape can be challenging.

Staying on top of the most in-demand careers, the skills they require, and the average salaries can help businesses who want to attract their industry’s top talent to stay ahead of the pack. Even though it’s tough to keep your finger on the pulse, it’s vital to your success. 

Read on to learn more about the hottest emerging careers we’re seeing in our focus industry of tech staffing.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

You don’t need to have your fingers on the pulse of the industry to know AI is taking over modern tech.

That trend will continue growing with AI immersing itself across the digital space. Therefore, it is unsurprising that machine learning and AI jobs are some of the most viable jobs in tech today.

The list of responsibilities for AI engineers includes designing, testing, developing and deploying machine learning systems and AI tools. Keep in mind these duties will differ based on the solution a business requires.

What Are the Skills Need for This Role?

  • A firm understanding of statistics and linear algebra
  • Expertise in coding in multiple programming languages (e.g., Python, Java, Haskell, R)
  • Collaboration and communication skills are critical since AI can be ineffective if engineers don’t work well across different departments

What is the Standard Salary for this Role?

Recruitment experts show AI engineers earning $164,769 per year on average.

Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are responsible for the entire spectrum of software development, from front-end development to back-end development tasks. 

Versatility is at the center of this role, making full stack developers one of the most sought-after professionals around.

What Are the Skills Need for This Role?

  • Familiarity with a wide range of technologies, such as Express.js, Node.js, and MongoDB
  • The ability to develop APIs
  • Expertise in coding in Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C#, etc.

What is the Standard Salary for this Role?

Full stack developers – on average – earn a yearly salary of $102,744 per year.

Java Developer

The design, development, and maintenance of Java-based applications are the core focuses of this role.

Java is highly viable as the 3rd most popular programming language. It is likely that Java developers will remain highly sought-after in web and app development. 

What Are the Skills Need for This Role?

  • Fluency in Java programming
  • Updated skills based on all Java developments
  • Proficiency in the primary frameworks that build Java applications (e.g., Spring framework 5, Java Server faces, Hibernate, Java Server faces)

What is the Standard Salary for this Role?

Java developers earn a $105,801 yearly salary on average.

Information Technology (IT) Manager

At the heart of an IT manager’s role is overseeing all facets of their organization’s computers and information systems.  

IT managers are a must-have to keep all tech systems fully functioning and operational.

What Are the Skills Need for This Role?

  • High-level communication skills and leadership abilities
  • Technological expertise to supervise other IT staff
  • Proficiency with troubleshooting, tech design, and quality control analysis
  • Adaptability and tolerance for stressful scenarios

What is the Standard Salary for this Role?

Compared to the other roles discussed, the IT manager role tends to vary the most in salary. On average, across the US, the yearly pay is $87,289. But top earners can bring in around $138,000, while lower-end IT managers earn closer to $40,000. 

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