5 Ways To Be A More Effective Boss

Sure, you may bring leadership skills to the table. Whether you have no experience or years of experience can impact your ability to lead, but are these ingrained or learned behaviors? How do you know if you’re a good boss? How can you ensure that your staff respects you, values your leadership, and will work hard to demonstrate their competency to make you look good? There are several ways you can become a better and more effective boss, so take a look at some of these ideas to get you started.

5 Ways To Be a More Effective Boss

  • Focus on listening skills. You may think this sounds elementary, but many adults actually have a harder time listening than speaking. We tend to listen just long enough to form a response and then worry more about what we plan to say next rather than what the other person is still saying. A leader listens to everything before replying, providing advice, or sharing their own story.
  • Sniff out potential. Another positive leadership attribute is the ability to see potential in others. In fact, it really comes down to not feeling challenged by allowing others to take on important jobs or roles within your department. Don’t just point and shout, see where others have strengths and delegate aspects of projects to highlight those abilities.
  • Be positive. Employees who quit their jobs often cite a dissatisfactory relationship with their boss as a primary factor. Many indicate they felt bullied or that the boss would only look at the negative aspects of their performance or personality. And while criticism and correction is an important part of management, so is positive encouragement and creating an environment where your employees will feel motivated and engaged.
  • Stay connected. To do this, you want to stay connected to your team as people, not just cogs in your machine. You don’t have to be anyone’s best friend, but simply taking an interest in their lives and hobbies will be enough to show that you understand they have lives beyond the confines of your business.
  • Be grateful. Lastly, be sure you’re creating a culture of gratitude. Never let an occasion go by where you’re not thanking them for the work they’re doing. And this isn’t just the work that is above and beyond their general scope, thank them every day for the little things. Just thank them for being there. Gratitude is contagious, and if you practice it in the workplace you’ll see that positivity spread like wildfire.

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