The Impact of Cybersecurity on the Telecommunications Industry

The Impact of Cybersecurity on the Telecommunications Industry

Cybersecurity and Telecommunications generally go hand in hand. Many of the targets of cybercrime are focused around the telecoms industry. As technology advances change the way telecoms companies do business, cybersecurity also needs to increase.

How are the changes in cybersecurity affecting the telecoms industry? More and more each day. In 2016 cybersecurity was a $60 billion industry. Experts expect that to double by 2020, here are a few of the biggest impacts on telecoms.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things has been a hot topic lately. For both consumers and businesses, internet-enabled devices to give users the power to control networks of machines remotely. In industrial applications, this allows production facilities to run with a lean staff. In our homes, we have Alexa and Google Assistant, linking devices together and allowing us to easily create smart homes.

These devices make life easier, but they are also increasingly becoming a target for cyber-attacks. Whether gathering personal data from home devices or disrupting the industry, cybersecurity surrounding the internet of things is a huge focus for telecoms companies.

Financial Challenges

Increasing security to face the growing threats to telecoms isn’t cheap. On top of the new security measures required, infrastructure to handle new traffic and better countermeasures is on the horizon. Telecoms companies are poised to make large investments into both new systems and shoring up existing protections.

While larger companies can handle the financial burden, small companies and countries are vulnerable. Cybersecurity is changing rapidly for both companies and consumers. The struggle for companies to provide the same service their customers expect runs parallel to the need for investment in security.

Going forward, many companies may have to change their offerings to be able to provide security, forcing customers to choose which they care about.

Artificial Intelligence

A lot of focus has been put on AI and how it will change the way businesses operate. The issue is that AI is also being used more and more to breach cybersecurity and carry out phishing and other types of scams.

For the telecoms industry, technological advances benefit both the companies doing business, but also the people committing crimes. As new technology is implemented, security experts must also predict how it could be used against them, and how they can prevent that.

As AI programs become more sophisticated, so too will the security measures designed to deal with them. AI is making the telecoms industry more efficient, but it comes at a cost of security.

Increased Threats from Known Sources

While botnets and phishing scams are nothing new, they are still important to protect against. Just as AI is improving the way cybercriminals can operate, these traditional threats are improving. There are protections in place to deal with them, but those protections aren’t perfect and require improvement.

Phishing scams are moving away from targeting all users within a system. Instead many scams are focused on high-level executives and using their influence to drive the scams.

As the internet of things improves, botnets, or networks of computers designed to collaborate, are also growing. Cybercriminals can use the new strength of botnets to accomplish larger feats and create a larger threat.

For telecommunications companies, now is a great time to innovate, but it is also a difficult time. Security is under threat more than ever and requires attention and investment to improve.

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