The Importance of Company Culture in the Workplace

The Importance Of Company Culture In The Workplace

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last few years looking at business information, you’ve seen a lot content about corporate culture. Experts talk about core values, the fit of incoming employees, and more. But what is company culture and why is it so important to your business and your team?

The truth is, your corporate culture is as important as your business model, products and services, or professionalism. It attracts top talent and keeps them engaged. It influences your customers and gives you a position within your community. So how can you cultivate and improve your own corporate culture? Here are a few tips to get started.

Establish Team Connection

None of your employees should function as an island, and that goes for management too. In order to foster a community spirit in your office environment, you should focus on team connection. This doesn’t completely eliminate conflict, but a group with better communication skills and overall connection will be more equipped to solve their problems along the way.

Consider Flexible Work Options

Today’s workplace is evolving fast and one of the top preferences of employees today is to have more flexibility in their time. You can do this any number of ways. Some organizations focus on results not hours, which means your team has control over their time as long as the work they do is satisfactory.

Others allow for work from home options or flexible hours. This acknowledges that your employees have personal and social lives outside of your office and giving them space makes them more productive employees.

Make the Workplace Fun

You also want to make sure that you have an office that everyone wants to work in. If they feel like they’re entering a jail or institution every day, it won’t be fun and exciting to come to work.

Not only should you ensure that the office is a comfortable and vibrant place to work, you should also focus on allowing your team to have fun while they’re working. Provide incentives, fun activities, contests, and volunteer opportunities.

Prioritize Employee Health

You’ve probably heard a lot about health initiatives and wellness programs. More companies are choosing to provide these additional benefits because they see the improved results. Take out the unhealthy snack machines and replace them with better options such as fresh fruit and water.

Encourage exercise, whether it’s with on the job programs like yoga or walking clubs or giving them time and availability to work out at the gym or at home. And be sure to spend some time on their mental and emotional health by offering stress relief programs, education, and resources.

Focus on Your Brand

All of this can be done with a focus on your brand. Your mission statement and core values should inform everything you do as an organization. Start by hiring people who share these values and are interested in working on your team rather than just accepting any job. Living your brand will not only attract top candidates but it will keep your customers happy and engaged.

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