The Importance of Employment Branding During a Talent Shortage

Employer Branding During a Talent Shortage

I’ve never worked for a snazzy startup in Silicon Valley, and chances are you haven’t either. So how come we both know that if we did work at one of these tech startups that we’d have a dynamic teamwork approach business execution, take breaks in a nap pod or by facing off with our peers in ping pong, and we would solve the problems of the world with a tasty, new recipe we tried out at the company juice bar? Because of employment branding.

The tech startups were early to the employment branding bandwagon, and quickly recognized the value in promoting how attractive their businesses were to work for. Google did such a good job that the appeal of their employment brand became the plot of a Hollywood movie. While you lack Google’s budget, you can still take a page out of their playbook and utilize employment branding to increase the awareness talented candidates have for your company.

With a low unemployment rate contributing to a talent shortage, it’s even more critical for businesses to emphasize the importance of employment branding.

Why is Employment Brand Important?

Reduces Costs

Powerful employment branding can have economic benefits for your company. For instance, a study by Glassdoor revealed that candidates who were impressed with the employment brand of a company were willing to ask for lower starting salaries.

Similarly, a strong employment brand will decrease the costs of recruiting because talented employees will find your company organically, bolstering your talent pool without paying for it.

Employee Retention

If companies pitch their willingness to provide more benefits than just a competitive salary, they will increase their number of interested candidates in their recruiting pool and keep current employees happier.

HRO today suggests that an impressive employment brand can reduce employee turnover by two thirds. Being transparent and showing off your companies’ brand will bring you the best and keep them there.

Appeal to Younger Talent

One of the consequences of the talent shortage is that companies have been forced to hire younger employees. What are young people looking for when searching for a job? For many, it’s the employment brand.

Millennials are flocking to companies that can offer them a vibrant and fun culture. Companies that have a strong employment brand can use it to appeal to young talent.

Employees are Motivated

When your company works hard for you, you work hard for them. Candidates want to work at companies who demonstrate that they give back to their employees with fun experiences at work. More from employers means more productivity from employees at work, which is great for growing a business.

When employees are excited about where they work, they talk about it—and when they do, encourage them to talk about it on social media. When employees are discussing your employment brand, you in effect have brand ambassadors appealing to future talent and referring quality candidates that they know.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Employment Brand?

Define Your Message

Sending the right message is important for a company. Once a company narrows down what they stand for and what their vision is in term of employment brand, they can promote it consistently. Where should you promote your employment brand?

Share your message on social media, company website, advertisements, videos, interview conversations, and any other tools you may use. When doing so, your aim should be to come across as authentic and unique. The Harvard Business Review details that maintaining a human element in your message is paramount.

Understand How Candidates Perceive Your Employment Brand

You can’t improve your employment brand if you don’t know where your brand stands at the moment.

The rise in social platforms has given perspective employees lots of access to your employment brand before they apply. Websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and Facebook all tell a story about your company.  Make sure you are checking to see what employees, both current and former, are saying with their profiles and reviews. Try to fix errors that might have cost you in the past or respond to criticisms you deem unfair and encourage your current staff to give your company reviews as well.

By understanding what your employment brand is on the web, you’ll be able to identify the steps you need to take to improve your employment brand.

Advocate Your Brand with Employees

Social media platforms are not the end-all-be-all in branding. In fact, 84 percent prefer a peer-to-peer recommendation above all else. Get current employees to advocate for the company on their personal social media. Accrue positive reviews from employees to place on your website. Show videos of an employee talking about their success and how they love to come to work on your jobs page. Get everyone in the workplace involved in promoting your brand to others.

Diversity and Inclusion Culture

83% of millennials are engaged in their work if they feel that diversity and inclusion is the aim of their company. D&I can be powerful tools for employment branding. Make sure that you are expressing your company’s devotion to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture at work. Companies who mirror American society closest draw many more people to them.

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