Interim Leadership: Why It’s Essential When Filling Leadership Vacancies

Filling Your Leadership Vacancies

Generally, companies lean on their leaders to help them navigate times of change. Good leaders bring teams together when faced with challenges, making the team stronger afterward.

What happens when your company faces a leadership change? When the person who steers the ship through change leaves, an interim leader can be the key to stability.

Stepping Away from Culture

When you hire interim leadership from outside your organization, you have an advantage. Whether your company’s culture is well established or not, interim leaders aren’t directly connected to your culture. They can make positive changes that were restricted before or let a strong culture continue to help the transition.

Leaders can’t change a culture by trying to directly change the culture. Changing the way people think is an impossible task. Rather, leaders should try to change how people act in the organization by defining the behaviors that they want. Interim leadership can take the opportunity to highlight employees driving positive change and give other employees an example of the culture they want.

Fresh Perspective

Interim leaders also bring a fresh look at an organization. Maybe the previous leader wasn’t inspiring top performances from your team. An interim leader can bring a new approach to motivation because they don’t have the same bias or habits as previous leadership.

Interim leaders must be mindful that team members and peers may be experiencing change differentlyThey should aim to be empathetic and help their staff and colleagues move through change cycles where they can. When it comes to leading staff through change, be mindful that it can be a scary time for staffers, who might assume the worst for their future at the organization. Building trust can be as simple as supporting colleagues whenever possible. 

Temporary Solution

It may seem obvious but interim leadership offers a temporary solution. The importance of this solution is that your organization can take advantage of that time to coach current employees for leadership roles. They won’t have to face a sink or swim moment as they can gain hands-on experience with the interim leader before they take the reins.

Organizations with strong coaching cultures have already realized the impact coaching activities can have when navigating the sea of change. For many, activities like team coaching have moved beyond a “nice to have” and become an organizational imperative, which allows their employees to engage in a more collaborative and creative process for handling those dark and messy days that inevitably come with launching a major change initiative.

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