Major IT Hiring Trends in 2019

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We all know how aggressive and far-reaching the effects of technology are in today’s world. Since we’re now able to photosynthesize, our refrigerators have been repurposed into infallible financial advisors, and our toasters can teleport us to work faster than they used to burn the bread. 

Well, maybe we aren’t quite there yet, but virtually every field is being revolutionized as technology tears through its Golden Age. 

And if the word “technology” makes up half of what the IT industry is named, you can expect trends within that industry to change rapidly and be more pivotal to keep track of than others. 

We’ll highlight a few of the hiring trends in Information Technology and how companies are adapting to them in 2019.

Talent Shortage

Perhaps nothing unites differing industries and their hiring managers more in 2019 than the phrase talent shortage. Regardless of the technological changes permeating the industry, one thing has remained a constant in IT: too many open positions and not enough talent to fill them. 

This gap between positions and available candidates has sent organizations scrambling quickly to find ways to adapt. Why? Because having IT positions remain unfilled can be costly, and one research firm reports that by 2020, 75% of organizations will experience some level of disruption due to skill gaps in IT. 

The debate on the best methods to overcome these projections is unresolved, but many agree that utilizing improved AI and machine learning to identify talent with greater levels of efficacy will become increasingly important. Others maintain that upskilling existing in-house staff to keep up with emerging technologies is the best method to combat the skill gap. 

Many companies are also becoming increasingly reliant on temporary workforces. This staffing flexibility allows them to wait out lengthy talent searches (more on that later) or upticks in workload throughout the year. 

The Rise of the Soft Skills and the Hybrid Professional

Established as far more than just buzzwords, soft skills continue to earn a larger share of the spotlight across multiple industries in recent years: IT is no exception. 

As technology continues to expand across more and more business operations, IT candidates have to interface with an increasing amount of departments and people. Candidates with a strong ability to communicate, listen, lead, and work harmoniously with others are highly desirable. 

Another adaptation to the talent shortage is the “hybrid professional.” More hiring managers are putting increased emphasis on identifying candidates with skillsets that expand beyond the normal limits of just one position. These hybrid professionals often have blended roles as their skillset allows them to cross departments.

Benefits, Pay, and Candidate Experience

In such a candidate-driven market, individuals know their worth more acutely than ever before, and they’re informed and confident come time for negotiations. Companies are hard-pressed to find much leverage and are having to get used to paying a bit more than they may be comfortable for the people they really want. 

Robust benefits packages are a necessity as well, not only for attracting and acquiring candidates but also in successfully retaining them–competitive bonus structures, generous PTO, work-from-home flexibility, equity (at higher levels) and more are all expected from candidates. 

A pleasant and expedient candidate experience is also a hugely important component of the hiring process in 2019. Because so many companies are potentially courting the same candidate, the faster they can progress from contact to employment offers the better. After just two weeks candidates are typically ready to move on in this fast-paced hiring market. 

U.S. Tech Solutions

If you’re looking to acquire the best IT talent the market has to offer, US Tech can help. Our team of staffing professionals has the network and industry experience needed to help you overcome any hiring challenge. Call us today and see how we can do it for you. 

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