Mobile Applications Development

Having your business applications on your mobile device is no longer a perk; it’s a necessity. We recognize the value of mobile applications and the impact they have on your customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

USTECH has been providing professional web and mobile app development services to customers around the world since a decade. Our Mobility Center of Excellence consists of back-end web developers to mobile app designers; we have all the talent you need to connect your ideas to your audience. As a result, our team can propose concepts that will meet the requirements of any business or budget.

How We Help Our Customers:

  • Take the time to understand your business and mobile application requirements; turn this discovery into a prototype to validate we are on track
  • Design the mobile application including database and business integration
  • Develop the application including QA/testing (user acceptance, system and performance) and implementation
  • Maintain the application including updates as well as enhancements


  • Wireless & Mobile Applications Development
  • Mobile Device Management
  • iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Application Readiness Assessment – Industry and Regulatory Standards