Why You Need a Mobile App to Go Along with Your Business Solution

Why You Need a Mobile App

Not having an app to your business is like growing a garden with only water and sunlight.  Sure, the plants will grow (your products are available online via your website), but it’ll be a lot stronger (robust) and healthier (more traffic) with organic compost and fertilizer.

An app provides your business with the capability of reaching a wider audience and provides added value to your products.

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to invest in a mobile app.

Discovering Your Purpose

The first thing to decide is what will the purpose be of your new app. Similar for an author to describe a novel or a screenplay they’ve been working on, if you can’t describe what the app’s purpose is in two sentences or less, the purpose may be too confusing or unfocused to find its own market. Your app idea should fall into one of the three buckets:

  1. Solution/Problem Solving
  2. Entertainment
  3. Added Value

Once you’ve determined this, many other facets come into play for what your mobile app will be able to accomplish.

Command and Conquer

The fact is, your best salespeople aren’t the ones down the hall, or even yourself ­– to really take off, it’s the users that will determine the fate and growth of your product. Your ability to turn customers into effective advocates for your brand is essential. An app will help ignite this movement and create a more accessible tool for users to spread the word about how great your product is.

Contact, Engage, Nurture & Drive Sales

When users download your app, you receive the opportunity to deliver your message directly to your consumers. This makes it easier to launch new line of products or to promote a product campaign.

Creating a loyalty program will incentivize users to download your app. According to Vibes, 73% of smartphone users are interested in saving loyalty cards on their mobile phones. This creates another layer of engagement.

A mobile app also creates another vehicle to deliver analytics for your research. Analytics help to determine:

  • How the users are using your app
  • Which parts of the app they interact with
  • Setting up an action plan
  • What works and what doesn’t
  • Revenue, awareness, other KPIs

A mobile app is a versatile tool in your toolbox to enhance your brand further and drive sales.

How US Tech Solutions Can Help

US Tech Solutions has been providing professional web and mobile app development services to customers around the world since a decade. Our Mobility Center of Excellence consists of everyone from back-end web developers to mobile app designers. We have all the talent you need to connect your ideas directly to your audience. As a result, our team can propose concepts that will meet the requirements of any business or budget.

If you’re looking to develop a mobile app, our experts are standing by to help. Contact us today.

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