How These New C-Suite Roles are Helping to Guide the Healthcare Industry Today

The organizational landscape in healthcare seems to change and evolve as often as the conditions ailing the patients it exists to serve. Constant technological improvements and the ever-shifting economic ecosystem barrage the industry, testing the ability of its leadership personnel to adapt and innovate. 
Using just one example, consolidation within the industry is at an all-time high as more and more systems acquire one another and merge services and workforces. Definitive Healthcare recently published a survey, gauging the level of concern for industry trends among healthcare professionals. Nothing ranked as the number one concern on their lists more often than industry consolidation. 

In light of this, much is being shaken up at the C-Suite level. More leadership roles unique to healthcare continue to rise to address an increasingly complex healthcare system. A white paper released by SK&A reported that a sizeable 12% of the 200,000 titles in its database were C-Suite level roles. CEO and COO positions contribute a meaningful portion of this considerable uptick in C-level roles. 

But there are newer, lesser-known roles emerging and assuming their position at the center of the stage. We’ll aim our spotlight at a few of them and explain how they’re helping the healthcare industry adapt to new technologies and organizational structures while delivering higher quality care for patients. 

Chief Integration Officer

In case you skipped the intro, hospital systems are consolidating at a record rate, making streamlining and optimizing all departments especially important. Chief Integration Officers are charged with overseeing the coordination of all systems that interact with each other within an organization. They are also responsible for organizational design and ensuring active coordination between hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

Chief Innovation Officer

Not be confused with the other “CIO” listed above or the Chief Information Officer, the Chief Innovation Officer (also abbreviated as “CI(N)O”) is in charge of fostering an organizational culture that encourages and produces innovation. They are viewed as the touchpoint for all trends within the industry, fluctuations in the market, managing new technologies, and potential opportunities for growth. These new in-demand leaders are also charged with supporting best practices, creative thinking, and training managers, according to the Harvard Business Review

Chief Data Analytics Officer

The deluge of new technologies managed by the Chief Innovation Officer introduces a tremendous amount of data into healthcare systems. Within all of this data lies considerable value for organizations, ranging from higher quality care, drastically reduced costs, and improved revenue and productivity. Thus, high-level executives with a demonstrated ability to harness the power of modern data are in increasingly high demand as Chief Data Analytics Officers to guide the analytical efforts of hospital systems into the future. 2019 is anticipated to be a potential breakout year for these candidates in healthcare, per a report from the Becker Hospital Review.

Chief Nursing Informatics Officer

Like all of these C-Level roles, the tasks and responsibilities of Chief Nursing Informatics Officers are numerous, complex, and vary from organization to organization. At the highest level, CNIOs are charged with “providing strategic vision and leadership to drive transformation in health care delivery through the use of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom.” More specifically, these individuals combine the knowledge of patient care, informatics concepts, and change management to address the growing need for healthcare systems to effectively blend informatics with patient care. 

U.S. Tech Solutions

In need of qualified, capable leaders to bring in to your organization? U.S Tech Solutions has a proven track record of connecting high-level talent with organizations across the country. Get in touch with our team of staffing professionals and take advantage of our industry experience and deep network of candidates.

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