Pharmaceutical and Life Science Reputations on the Line During Vaccine Rollout

Pharmaceutical and Life Science Reputations on the Line During Vaccine Rollout

Throughout the pandemic, the pharmacy and life science industries have been struggling to adapt to constantly changing regulations, safety mandates, and social tensions surrounding COVID.

Now that vaccines are available, even more pressure has been placed on the businesses in these industries. All eyes are on employees from research & development, lab analysts, compounding technicians, all the way up to C-Suite executives to improve their performance and meet their customers’ needs. 

While there have been struggles, there does seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. 

Struggles With Vaccine Makers During COVID

While others in the pharmaceutical industry showed considerable improvements to their reputation, vaccine companies weren’t so lucky. None of the companies producing vaccines for COVID were able to crack the Global RepTrak’s 100 in a report of December/January numbers. 

Because the survey was taken before rollouts were at full force explains many of these low numbers. But other pharma companies – whose reputations flourished – were believed to have contributed enormously to COVID efforts. Outside the US, pharmaceutical companies scored as “strong” in the RepTrak survey. But North America remained unimpressed, ranking their contribution as “average.”

Vaccine manufacturers still have much work to be done to earn the trust of the people. Businesses need the best available pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, communications, and leadership talent to drive this movement.

Pharma is Slowly and Steadily Building in the US

Contrary to RepTrak’s December/January numbers, more recent reports show pharma and life science are on the up and up in North America.

In the February Harris Poll surveys, 62% of North Americans rated the pharma industry as a 5, 6, or 7 on a 7-point scale – a 30% improvement compared to January 2020.

Pharma leaders can take solace in knowing that vaccines are getting rolled out. And people are slowly growing to trust pharma and life sciences in North America.

But there’s also a glass-half-empty perspective.

Before COVID, the industry’s reputation was at an all-time low, dipping to 30% in January of last year. While there are improvements that should be noted, the results tell us that almost 40% of North American residents still don’t think much of pharma. The healing process is far from complete. 

Flattening the curve and eliminating the coronavirus (or at least neutralizing it) is largely dependent on vaccine rollouts going smoothly and efficiently. Much of this will come down to project management, logistics, and storage, as well as communications and marketing. 

Talent in these roles must be prioritized to get the job done and help pharmaceutical and life science companies improve the public’s trust. 

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