Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Careers: What You Should Know

When you’re picking your college major it can be very overwhelming to think about what the future may hold. Life Sciences, such as biology, is a booming field which can take you in many different directions. There are a lot of other subcategories that could influence what you do with your future career, such as biochemistry, medicine or pharmaceuticals. In fact, if you’re considering a career in pharmaceuticals, these are the academic paths you’ll need to pursue. So what should you know about pursuing these career goals? Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Kinds of Roles

With a background in life sciences there are several roles that may be a fit for professionals looking to get into the pharmaceutical industry. These include:

  • Research and Development: This position is in the lab conducting the science that could make a major impact.
  • Regulatory Affairs: No less important is this behind-the-scenes job to ensure the processes and science is compliant.
  • Validation: More of a technical position, this role ensures that equipment and processes are correct so results are accurate and repeatable.
  • Quality Assurance: If you’re more interested in processes and procedures, quality assurance and quality control ensure standards are being met.

And more. Talk with a staffing expert who can help you determine how to fit your background into a life sciences career.

A Growing Industry

With major changes in the healthcare industry and scientific advancement, positions in the pharmaceutical industry are only increasing. In 2016, revenue in the industry surpassed $1 trillion. This trend goes beyond just the development of medications but also in the technical realm with major advancements in medical devices.

Great Salary Potential

Pharmaceutical jobs, from R&D to quality control, pay well. We recommend checking a site like to see what your job title and location offers in terms of average salary. But know that the average US biopharmaceutical industry employees earned just over $110,000, which is approximately double the average for every other industry in the United States.

Apply Your Prior Experience

If you’re concerned that you don’t have the right experience to get involved in the pharmaceutical industry, there are some things you can do to market yourself correctly when searching for a job. Even if you don’t have a degree in science or years of previous experience, you may still qualify.

Pharmaceutical companies are also looking for professionals with backgrounds in engineering and manufacturing. And right now, technology skills are in high demand. There is a growing need for individuals with skills in Artificial Intelligence in light of recent discoveries on how breaches can affect medical devices.

The Basic Career Requirements

So what basic skills do you need to have to be considered for a job in the pharmaceutical industry?

  • Computer skills or a more advanced background in technology.
  • Ability to motivate yourself to accomplish high level tasks repeatedly.
  • Ability to organize both time and materials to ensure accurate deadlines and results.
  • Strong analytical and researching skills

Do you want to know more about a career in pharmaceuticals and life sciences? US Tech Solutions works hard to pair qualified individuals with cutting edge companies in the industry. Call us to learn more.

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