The State of Cybersecurity in 2019 (and the Jobs that Pay)

Most of us believe that the closest encounters we have with pirates these days are four-hour reruns on TNT of an exhausted movie franchise featuring a twiddling, fumbling (but somehow always charming) Johnny Depp trying to piece together where all the rum has gone. 

While they may not limp around on wooden legs, shine their golden canines, and prowl our waterways for loot anymore, pirates are alive and well in 2019—they’ve just gotten a lot more sophisticated.  Swapping the black flag for total anonymity and the open sea for the information highway, the pirate has become the hacker.  

In 2018 alone, 15 million patient records were comprised as the healthcare industry was barraged with over 500 cyberattacks. These numbers triple those from 2017, and in 2019, there were nearly 25 million patient records breached—after just six months.  

And that’s just in the healthcare sector. 

We’ll check the pulse of the cyber-security workforce as businesses react to elevated threat levels, and highlight a few of the more in-demand and highly compensated roles:

Talent Shortage

As hackers continue to ramp up the sophistication and quantity of their cyber-attacks, businesses across all industries are forced to escalate their measures of defense in response. But despite their best efforts, many organizations still struggle to find quality cyber-security candidates. 

ISACA,  an international professional association focused on IT governance, recently published a report on the state of cyber-security in 2019. They stated that hiring managers report it often takes more than 6 months to hire qualified cyber-security candidates. The slow time-to-hire certainly isn’t due to a lack in demand.

69% of businesses say that their cyber-security teams are understaffed, 58% report they currently have open (unfilled) cyber-security positions, and only 34% of security professionals report having a high degree of confidence in their team’s ability to detect and respond to cyber threats. 

Despite such a pressing need, there simply aren’t enough qualified candidates looking for work for businesses to respond adequately to threats. This is hardly an IT-specific challenge, though, as near record-low unemployment figures have led to nationwide talent shortages regardless of industry. 

In light of the talent shortage and escalation of cyber-attacks, it’s imperative for businesses to find solutions for rising workforce and information security demands. 

Top Paying Jobs in Cyber-security

Because the market is so competitive, companies are often having to pay a premium to attract and secure top talent. The good news (for qualified cyber-security candidates) is that many of the top roles are comfortably above the six-figure benchmark. 

Here’s a peek at a few of the more common, highest-paying roles in 2019 (according to

  • Application Security Engineer – $128,128
    • These professionals work on application security across a range of technologies and environments, developing and maintaining secure coding guidelines and best practices
  • Director of Information Security – $127, 855
    • Increasingly commonplace, this high-level role usually is responsible for providing strategic and operational leadership that improves information security technology, policies, and practices. 
  • Cloud Engineer – $126, 364
    • IT professionals who are responsible for designing, planning, maintaining and supporting cloud computing systems.
  • Chief Information Security Officer – $103, 600
    • At a very high level, CISOs are responsible for establishing the enterprise vision of the organization while ensuring information assets are protected. 
  • Security Engineer – $101, 808

U.S. Tech Solutions

Looking to add top IT talent or develop cyber-security solutions for your business? U.S. Tech Solutions is here to help. Our team of dedicated, experienced industry professionals has developed a proven track record of providing the highest quality workforce and cyber-security solutions for organizations nationwide. Get in touch with us today and see how we can do it for you.

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