How to Support Your IT Teams Through 2021

If the year 2020 was a marathon, you’d have had to run it across a desert without any water to drink. 

In other words, last year was a rough go for everybody. You and your team included. 

While there are rays of hope for the not-so-distant future, 2021 has already been immensely challenging. The pandemic still presents a clear and present danger for both the economy and your team’s well-being.

There’s plenty of time remaining in 2021. Your talent is going to need your support every step of the way. 

A silver lining exists within these unsteady times. In being there for your team and stepping up as a leader, you’ll turn your organization into something more viable and potent than before COVID-19 was a word anyone knew.

Here’s a list of ways you can support your IT teams throughout 2021: 

Foster Your Connection with Your Team

Knowing your employees’ passions, values, and most standout characteristics will help you significantly as a motivator. 

Being in tune with your team means you’ll have a firm grasp on their inner workings. You’ll then understand what keeps them engaged or what deters their interest in their work. Knowing each team member’s strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and stumbling blocks helps you put them on the path to success.

Go beyond work with this connection. Someone with a family might function a lot differently than an employee who’s living on their own. A team member’s life circumstances will dictate their worries and needs in the workplace, giving you insights about their headspace at any given time.

As a team lead, you don’t want to be too prying. Not all employees will be forthcoming. So, just let them know you’re there if they need to talk. And don’t be afraid to ask questions—just avoid pressing too hard. Sometimes, showing you cared enough to check in makes all the difference.

COVID-19 has opened up many issues for people—so you really need to keep your eyes, ears, and mouth open. Getting to know your team has never been more critical.

Brainstorm Goals with Your Team

During uncertain times, creating reasonable benchmarks can go a long way in keeping people’s heads clear, and mind’s focused. 

There is a caveat—goals are only as useful as they are obtainable. That doesn’t mean creating far-too-easy goals that anybody can accomplish. It means giving employees something to strive for without weighing them down with imminent failure.

The only way you’re going to establish these highly motivating and streamlining goals is by including your employees in the decision process.

First and foremost, your team knows themselves best—so they’ll be aware of what they can and can’t do. It will also show that you value your people’s input, and they’ll be more engaged in the process as a result. 

Beyond that, since you’re doing this as a team, everybody will feel like they’re ‘part’ of something and supported by everyone around them.

 Keep Your Team Informed

Nobody likes playing the guessing game. During COVID-19 primarily, when uncertainties about job security (and everything else) run rampant, transparency is of the utmost importance.

Let your team know about performance metrics and where they stand. This way, if improvements need to be made, they can make the appropriate adjustments.

By keeping your people in the dark, you’ll lose their trust—and they’re far likelier to disengage. 

The events of 2020, and how they linger still this year, provide an incredible opportunity to build more meaningful connections with and among your teams and emerge as a more cohesive, connected, and productive organization..

Another valuable way to support your team is by bringing on the talent that helps them thrive. Contact US Tech Solutions today if you’re looking to hire top IT talent.