How Technology Can Create an Open Culture in the Workplace

How technology can create an open culture in the workplace

Technology has merged into the business sector and allowed companies to simplify and conquer their challenges one-by-one. Technology has enabled a smarter, more efficient, and faster workplace.

But, there is another way that technology can assist businesses that are just as important to consider. Technology can also provide a boost to company culture and develop an open workplace employees value.

Transparency Between Employees and Supervisors

Technology can be the great equalizer for your business and build an environment with open dialogue and communication. Especially between employees and supervisors, where traditionally there has been a communication barrier.

Information that was previously only available to management can easily be shared with more people in the company, encouraging a more transparent workplace. File sharing and cloud-based documents make it possible for employees to have access to specific real-time data and information that will help them perform their roles better.

Using chat message clients such as Slack, employees can now engage with relaxed communication with their supervisors, without stressing about setting up an in-person meeting to ask a simple question.

Offer Digital Training and Education

76% of employees want opportunities for career growth from their employers, and 87% of Millennials state that professional development is very important to them. Through digital training and education, your company can offer employees the career growth they want in a convenient and cost-effective way.

Instead of a generic and shallow classroom training environment, offering a suite of digital training courses or educational opportunities for employees to access allows employees to personalize their training. Digital training gives employers the control to dictate where their training should focus.

Along with driving change and improving employee knowledge, there are bottom-line benefits to offering this flexible education. The Digital Marketing Institute cites that 41% of companies surveyed have seen a boost in their revenue after providing online courses.

Promoting a Work-Life Balance

People are busy in today’s on-the-go world. With technology enabling employees to be able to work wherever and whenever, companies can boost their company culture by offering a positive work-life balance.

Gone are the days that a working parent had to miss their children’s recitals, games, or appointments because they had to be at work. Today, a working parent can take a few hours out of the traditional workday for personal events and plug back in later on to make up the time. By utilizing technology and promoting a work-life balance, your employees are more likely to remain with your company.

Technology can make a profound impact on your company culture. By taking advantage of the culture-boosting opportunities technology offers businesses, companies can cultivate attractive and robust workplace cultures that drive employee retention and enhance recruiting efforts.

Are you looking for a new position where you can demonstrate your skills and advance your career?

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