Telecom Companies Positioned to Meet Increased Demand for Security and Biometrics Solutions

Judging from Microsoft and Bio-Key’s recent market activity, the already high demand for cybersecurity and biometric solutions is about to get even higher.

Telecom companies are uniquely positioned to meet the rise in demand. Their chances for growth will be plenty.

This news is fantastic for the talent working within the space. But these opportunities could pose serious challenges for Telecom employers. Capturing this rise in demand could determine the ultimate success and market dominance of many businesses.

Telecom companies are scrambling for top talent who can give them a competitive edge.

Microsoft Has Added Some Nuance to Their Approach

In a groundbreaking deal that cost it $19.7 billion, Microsoft recently purchased Nuance Communications, an A.I. software company.

The dollar amount spent is Microsoft’s 2nd largest of all time, with the company drawn to Nuance’s A.I.-enabled speech recognition products. What is most noteworthy in this purchase is Nuance’s biometric authentication – a cutting-edge technology focused on streamlining clinical reports in the healthcare industry. 

Already, Nuance is used by over 55% of doctors and in 77% of U.S. hospitals. But Microsoft sees the technology making an impact in other industries that wish to better their cloud-based services. 

Microsoft EVP of Cloud and AI Scott Guthrie recently demonstrated how biometric authentication technology would benefit the financial sector with financial planning and predicting. If biometric authentication could be crucial in the financial services sector, it is likely that Microsoft also sees this technology as beneficial on a much larger scale in a variety of other industries. 

Holding the Bio-Keys to Success

While the story of Bio-Key might not be on the same scale as Microsoft, it helps to demonstrate the big changes that are coming in telecom.

Recent deals like their $1.2 million extension with an unnamed “Fortune 500 telecom client” should be very motivating for telecom companies.

Bio-Key focuses its support services on enterprise businesses with a biometric security platform that authenticates users based on fingerprints. The solution already ensures the safety of online assets used by their client’s supply chain partners and global talent. That amounts to hundreds of thousands of people being successfully protected.

The biometric security solutions offered by Bio-Key are targeted at bigger companies. These enterprise customers can’t rely on a generic product where one-size-fits-all. Nor will a phone solution do, either. They need something customizable and broad in scale, which Bio-Key brings to the table. 

These New Trends Are a Sign of Things to Come

Once Pandora’s box is opened, there’s no going back. Companies with deep pockets are spending on solutions with biometrics and security because they know the technology allows their products to excel without being open to threats. 

With that shift in spending behavior comes the demand for telecom talent who specialize in this area. For instance, recruiting and hiring technicians with a firm grasp of biometric security will set your company apart and help you leverage this growing space. 

This recent market activity begs the question: where will you find industry talent who’s trained to harness this cutting-edge biometrics and security technology?

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