Three Ways to Attract Top-Tier Talent in 2021

By now, organizational leaders throughout the tech industry know full-well about the obstacles COVID-19 has shoehorned into the hiring process.

For the sake of context, here’s a list of challenges you’re likely facing:

  1.       The financial strain caused by economic downturns.
  2.       Halted travel.
  3.       Social distancing and self-isolation protocols that limit the number of employees in your office.

This blog could theoretically harp on the negative—but then it’d overlook one crucial fact about the tech industry:

Those within this space are highly innovative and creative by nature.

Hardships are merely problems to be solved. Initially, trying to navigate those murky waters is tricky. But, eventually, visionary industry thought-leaders turn stifling difficulties into rousing triumphs. 

Now, it’s time to delve into the three key strategies you should implement when attracting tech talent in 2021:

  1.       Create and Cultivate Your Remote Workforce

Remote work – during the pandemic – has proven to be highly beneficial to staff morale. Employees appreciate employers meeting them in the middle and prioritizing their safety.

As such, many workers have doubled their efforts, becoming more productive, dedicated, and passionate.

Given the current climate, a thriving remote workforce is what top-tier tech candidates will prioritize. Organizations that can create and, most importantly, promote a thriving work-from-home ecosystem will stand out to the talent market from the organizations that don’t.

It’s also worth noting that a one-size-fits-all approach to remote work isn’t always the best strategy. While it may seem fashionable to offer 100% remote work to all employees, some people prefer to be able to work in the office when they want to, especially higher-level employees. 

The most desirable approach for now, if feasible, is to allow candidates to dictate where they work. This way, you communicate to potential employees that, in light of all that has occurred this year, you support their needs and are willing to work with them on an individual level to create a schedule that suits them. With so many workers hard-pressed to balance increasingly difficult home lives (distance learning with their children, caring for family members, etc.), a flexible, supportive employer is more desirable than ever. 


  1.       Be Absolutely Relentless with Your Recruiting Efforts

The layoffs caused by the pandemic have resulted in a job market budding with tremendous tech talent.

Expect this trend to reverse as the industry adapts and learns to thrive in the “new normal.”

You must remain steadfast and proactive when seeking top talent on the market – immediately and in the future.

Fruitful recruitment strategies are ongoing, overarching, big-picture initiatives. Even when it seems like your workforce is functioning at its finest, you still must keep your ear to the ground.

This approach prevents you from making hires merely to fill a vacancy. Instead, you’ll attract the standout recruits who tick all your boxes and bring the most value to your organization – due to your forward-thinking and measured execution.

  1.       Immerse Yourself in Video Conferencing Technology

Allowing potential hires to remain in the safety of their own home during job interviews sheds a positive light upon your organization.

Thus, during the crisis, video conferencing platforms have become increasingly relied upon throughout the tech industry as a job interview tool.

The advantages of this technique are plentiful and quickly actioned. Not only can you perform in-depth interviews, but there’s also the ability to take candidates on virtual tours. It’s an opportunity to advertise your positive workplace culture—all without forcing someone to break social distancing protocols.

One caveat is that familiarizing your hiring leaders with virtual interviews presents challenges, such as reading physical cues. Still, as you fluidly improve your processes, you’ll establish systems that help you insightfully and accurately gauge candidates.

Bonus Tip: Hiring a Highly Skilled Tech Recruiter

By honing your “new normal” hiring practices until they’re flawless, the talent you recruit will continue to vastly exceed expectations.

However, recruiting with this kind of precision and zeal is its own full-time job that requires non-stop pivoting and adapting.

For the above reason, contact US Tech Solutions for all your hiring needs. We have access to a diverse pool of IT candidates that will positively impact your business for years to come.