Top 3 Transferable Skills Needed in Biotech

Graduating with a top Ph.D. would seem quite easy to go out and get a job. However, hiring managers aren’t looking for a degree on a resume.

Yes, the degree says a lot about you. But if everyone else you’re competing with has one as well, how much separation are you really getting from the pack?

Ideally, you’d hope the work would be done (and speak for itself) after you earned your Ph.D. But the truth is you need a little more than the skills your degree represents.

Transferable skills are crucial if you hope to stand out in a competitive market, whatever the industry. But in biotech specifically, they can be even more valuable than your technical skills in the eyes of employers.

Here’s a list of some of the most sought-after transferable skills in biotech:

1. Teamwork

It doesn’t matter how long your list of accolades is, if the perception is that you’re difficult to work with, you’ll struggle to snag a job offer. Only 28% of hiring managers felt that the prestige from a candidate’s university was very important to the hiring process. Your accomplishments matter, but not as much as they did in the past.


Because how you work is top of mind with hiring managers. Decision makers are looking for candidates who are able to blend into a company’s culture, become active members of a collaborative team, and demonstrate initiative to lead when making their hiring choice.

Within a laboratory environment, projects can shuffle through several different departments and mix a variety of people all while maintaining a common goal. Proving you have the interpersonal skills and savvy to step in and contribute can be enough to elevate you to the later rounds of evaluation.

2. Ability to Handle Large Data Sets

It’s to the point where technological improvements and implementations are so common and pervasive that it’s almost boring to point them out.

What is unique, though, is the ability to excel at managing, interfacing, and interpreting the increasing volume of data technology is producing.

Having people that excel at dealing with the incredible amount of data that labs possess is extremely valuable to employers. Communicate your data management skillset to the hiring manager, highlight it on your resume, accentuate your propensity to make meaning of the minutia during your interview to gain an edge in the hiring process.

3. Time Management

If you’ve looked at a job posting of any kind, time management is probably on it. At first glance, it may feel like a generic trait, but only because of its ubiquitous demand from hiring managers, and not its actual supply in candidates.

Being able to prove you have true time management skills in a laboratory setting can be an incredible boost to chances of landing a job, even among a peer group of fellow Ph.D. graduates. Research and other projects can have timelines that stretch easily from months to even years, thus, effectively executing goals on a day-to-day scale while maintaining the longer-term goals is highly valuable.

U.S. Tech Solutions

Are you looking to secure a position in the biotechnology field? U.S. Tech Solutions has an unparalleled understanding of the industry inside and out and have the resources to help you make the crucial first few steps in your career.

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