Top Technology Trends Shaping Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for 2021

Technology is hitting a new high and changing fast.

Recent trends show new ERP transformations are here to stay and will only continue to improve in the coming years. With ERP technology advancing rapidly, it can be difficult to keep track of what the latest trends are. As times change, ERP systems advance and become quicker and more efficient. 

To ensure businesses receive the most up to date service, business owners must stay on top of the latest trends in tech. What follows is a comprehensive list of top technology trends shaping ERP.

1.  Intelligence Tech

Intelligence tech such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been known in the ERP realm for a while now but has only been available as separate add-ons. By integrating AI into ERP, companies will be able to have an advantage when it comes to data processing. Intelligence tech can also reduce errors, save time, and create better workflows. The time saved by introducing AI and Intelligence tech into ERP is going to be a game-changer.

2.  Cloud Acceleration

Though storing information in the cloud is not necessarily a new concept, for ERP management it is emerging as a solid trend. More and more companies are opting to store large amounts of data into cloud storage as a way to ensure data is accessible anywhere in the world. ERP users previously avoided cloud storage, but with security measures in place, cloud data is actually one of the safest ways to secure data and is far less expensive.

3.  Real-Time Data Support

ERP systems are moving toward making real-time data and support for many reasons. Companies benefit from the specific insight that real-time data provides and are able to serve their customers better because of it. When customer service is better equipped with information about the customer’s previous purchases, habits, and specific needs, they will be able to help the customer more efficiently. 

4.  Personalized Solutions

ERP solutions are not just for large businesses anymore. ERP is now moving in the direction of personalization so each business only pays for what they need. This new option is more inclusive for small businesses as they may require less than the one-size-fits-all solution. More personalized vertical solutions are set to be a new trend in 2021. Customizing the level of AI, IoT, and analytics will make ERP a more accessible option for businesses of all sizes.

5.  Analytics with Increased Power

Historically, ERP systems might have been superior at collecting data, but below average at reporting and analyzing. Now, new ERP systems are increasing the power of their analytics to help companies make better decisions based on data. Predicting future trends based on data analyzed with ERP systems will be essential to all businesses in the coming years.

6.  Mobile Application

In today’s world, it is prudent to have mobile capabilities. Modern ERP tools will feature mobile support as a staple functionality. The ability to view data and monitor both front-end and back-end activity at any time is a huge benefit to the business owner. The days of waiting to get back to the office to enter data are over. Providing a mobile application for ERP solutions is a great way to increase workflow, efficiency, and data recording.

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