Trending IT Jobs for 2021

As the leaves on the trees change color, the weather gets chillier, and autumn smells ring through the air, there’s one thing that becomes increasingly clearer:

It’s almost time for the new year. You’re likely proactively developing your business plan for 2021. Included in that framework should be the roles you intend to fill throughout your organization.

Hiring successfully in the oncoming year depends on looking for talent to fill in-demand roles that set your business apart from its competitors.

Read on as this blog highlights four of the most in-demand IT jobs projected for 2021:

#1 Most In-Demand IT Job: AI Specialist

For companies whose missions are rooted in innovation, artificial intelligence and machine learning are now a top priority.

Therefore, it makes sense that before 2020, there was 74% annual hiring growth in the previous 4 years for AI specialist roles.

There are multiple job titles throughout this space, from an artificial intelligence engineer to a machine learning engineer. They all necessitate unique skill sets across different industry sectors.  

Those involved in this role are responsible for programming computers to “think” and predict behaviors. In most businesses, specialists are focused on ‘applied AI,’ wherein they program ‘smart’ systems to recognize fingerprints and voices for security systems.

Plus, this ‘smart’ system can interpret information and solve problems more successfully for companies.


#2 Most In-Demand IT Job: Data Scientist

According to LinkedIn, the role of data scientist has seen a 37% annual increase in demand in recent times. This growth has led to it being ranked number-three in emerging US jobs and has delivered those results for 3 straight years.

The job-opening increase in this field appears to stem from previously existing roles’ evolution. For instance, those working as statisticians have had to incorporate data science into their work.

Here are the industries where data scientists will experience the most demand:


  •         Financial services
  •         Healthcare
  •         E-commerce
  •         Academics 
  •         IT/ITES
  •         Computer Software


Demand for this role can be explained by a data scientist’s ability to gather information about the business, market, and customers from multiple sources. They then interpret, process, and analyze to help predict trends and patterns.


#3 Most In-Demand IT Job: Robotics Engineer

A robotics engineer’s role revolves around designing, testing, and building robots. Generally, this is proving integral for private manufacturers, space programs, and military initiatives.

The industry has tremendous momentum behind it, especially in robotic solutions (valued at $7 billion).

These roles alternate between being software and hardware-centric. Also, engineers find themselves working on virtual and physical bots.

It’s worth pointing out that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for Robotic engineers to grow by 30% through 2021.

Robotics allows companies to streamline more menial operations while taking on jobs that are less safe for employees. This will mitigate risk and increase productivity throughout a variety of industries.


#4 Most In-Demand IT Job: Data Analysts

Throughout the consulting, finance, manufacturing, government, pharmaceuticals, and education fields, data analysts are highly sought after.

These talented individuals prove invaluable to a given organization. First, analysts will process and gather data before performing arithmetic studies on it.

But making the role so valuable for a company is that analysts must interpret and translate the information in an easily digested and actionable manner. This way, businesses can leverage the information to be more predictive and offer services/products that cater to their target market.

When hiring for these in-demand roles, bringing on high-level candidates is non-negotiable. These jobs are significantly intricate and complicated. They require the uniquely talented individuals that only a premier IT recruiting partner, such as USTech, can help you find.