Trends in Tech to Stay One Step Ahead in Hiring

Trends in Tech to Stay Ahead in hiring

In today’s hiring landscape, you need every advantage you can get. With unemployment sitting at historic lows, competition for talent is raging. Hiring managers must act quickly before another company snatches talent away.  

Sorting through applications, screening applicants, and waiting to hear back from department heads takes valuable time away from recruiters.  

Recruiting technology enhances the hiring process by:   

  • Organizing 
  • Tracking 
  • Targeting 
  • Non-Bias  
  • Ease-of-use 

With the help of tech in recruiting, you’re now able to manage more tasks in less time AND be more productive. Here’s the latest in tech trends to help you in your hiring process.    

Latest in Recruitment Management Systems 

Some recruiters today can’t fathom the way of recruiting back in the 90s. Remember actual newspapers? Today, 70% of recruiting companies are using some form of ATS 

The good news is, applicant tracking is big business and continues to see new updates and advanced software. Today, ATS and CRM applications offer updated onboarding experiences for candidates, the ability to create quadrant-style matrix plots to distinguish top performers, clean easy to use apps, and functionality to send targeted, scheduled emails to potential prospective candidates.  

Resume Screening Software 

Yes, there are pros and cons to resume screening software, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Sure you might miss the diamond in the rough, but you’re also likely reviewing ten highly qualified candidates, AND you were able to spend half your day sourcing for more leads.  

Remember that time thing we spoke about earlier? Everyone is going after the same person in this candidate-driven market. Having quicker access to better candidates will help you reach out to them faster.  

Blockchain is Coming 

Bitcoin has propelled blockchain technology onto the world’s stage. Blockchain technology instills a safe, competent system to ensure data is not tampered with by verifying with other like systems 

GDPR has gone into effect and recruiters are searching for ways to ensure compliance is met. Recruiters handle sensitive information every day. Utilizing blockchain puts all info from a candidate into one place — untampered with and safe — for the recruiter to access and evaluate. This will provide an environment for the recruiter to act quicker on a larger scale.   

Recruitment Marketing  

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to identify a qualified candidate without physically trying? Recruitment marketing can do just that. It accomplishes the following 5 things with candidates:  

  1. Builds trust 
  2. Provides insight 
  3. Nurtures relationships 
  4. Generate Leads 
  5. Creates targeted messaging 

Having this tool-set in your arsenal gives your company an edge to the competition. And with all in one marketing platforms such as HubSpot, Booker, or GoSquared, you can set up email campaigns, your blog, social media marketing, and SEO among others.  

US Tech Solutions

At US Tech Solutions, our portfolio extends from developing tech solutions to staffing across a multitude of industries. This gives us an in-house advantage of keeping up with the technology trends of today and tomorrow.  

If you’re interested in linking up with a specialized staffing firm that knows the market and has the tools to exceed your expectations, contact us today.  

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