US Tech Solutions – Our Pledge for Equal Pay

Equal pay day was first observed in 1996 and almost a decade after, women in the U.S., still earn about 76 cents per dollar earned by men. As per a recent survey by Glassdoor, it is occupation and industry sorting of men and women into jobs that pay differently throughout the economy. While the difference in the level of education, age and experience between men and women contributes little to gender pay gap.

At US Tech Solutions, we are committed to equal pay and implement it in a way more than just forming a policy around it.

– Equal share: 50% of our internal workforce are women and we are proud of this. When we pick a candidate we always consider their skill and experience to be the priority.

– Equal experience: Our women workforce work across all the management levels. Right from entry level to senior executives they rule the world or work.

– Equal spread: Accounts, HR, sales, delivery, and operations all these functions have their equal share of both the genders. Primary reason is the same, skill and experience is our only priority.

It was never a conscious decision but during the course of our journey we gave equal opportunity irrespective of gender, religion, orientation, or ethnicity etc. and today we are a proud equal opportunity employer and equal payer.
Today, on equal pay day, we take a step further and join hands with other organizations who are committed to eliminating gender pay gap. Each step counts and we have taken ours, welcome to USTECH world where it is the talent that matters.

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