US Tech Solutions – Ranked as one of the largest and fastest growing firm

“I’m not going to get somewhere and say, ‘OK, I’m done.’ Success is never final; I’ll just keep on going.”

—Conor McGregor

Sixteen years since our inception and it has been an incredible journey. What we are today is after many failures, attempts, learning, adaptation and this is still not our final destination.

US Tech Solutions has once again featured in the largest and the fastest growing staffing firm by staffing industry analyst, 2017.

Acknowledging our growth and contribution in technology CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company has named US Tech Solutions to its 2017 Fast Growth 150 list.
Staffing Industry Analysts (#SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, has released its 2017 report on the Largest #Staffing Firms in the United States. Ranked by revenue, the report covers firms that generated at least $100 million in US staffing revenue in 2016. This is SIA’s 22nd annual report on the largest US staffing firms.

“This report showcases those companies who have grown their business to the top of the industry regarding revenue and growth,” said Barry Asin, President of SIA. “The 144 companies comprising the list generated a combined revenue of $80.0 billion in 2016, and their success illustrates the continued growth and adoption of staffing in the US.”

In a separate ranking list released by SIA, US Tech Solutions also featured as one of the fastest growing staffing firm, 2017.
Our growth has also been recognized by CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company. The list is CRN’s annual ranking of North America-based technology integrators, solution providers and IT consultants with gross sales of at least $1 million that have experienced significant economic growth over the past two years. The 2017 list is based on gains in gross revenue between 2014 and 2016, and the companies recognized to represent a total, combined revenue of more than $16,717,688,643.
Why is this so extraordinary? Not only have we continued to establish our footprint as one of the largest but also the fastest growing firm, all achieved organically.

We thank all our clients, associates and employees whose continued commitment and hard work has made it all possible.

What does this mean for you – Bigger team, bigger commitment, bigger talent pool, bigger opportunities, better processes and finally bigger and better achievement of your results. 

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