What Hollow-Core Fiber Means for Telecom Employers

Everyone loves fast internet speeds. You don’t want your videos buffering when streaming your favorite movies or making that important video call. With the expansion of 5G networks, we should see even faster internet speeds.

But, here’s some even better news. With a boost of hollow-core fiber, the latency of 5G networks could be reduced even further! By some estimates, it is predicted hollow-core fiber (HCF) could reduce latency by a further 31%! As a result, users will be able to access sites 50% faster than with standard optical cables.

What Have Hollow-Core Fiber Tests Shown So Far? 

More telecom employers are running tests to see if they can rely on HCF instead of the normal optic cables. One company that has shown promising results is BT, the biggest UK service provider.

BT has partnered with Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) and Lumenisity, companies that supply them with hollow-core fiber. The results show that the lack of silica in hollow-core fiber is responsible for zero non-linear effects and lower latency, translating to faster data transmission speeds.

This reduction in latency is specifically essential because a single exchange can serve many antennas at once, further lowering the costs of transmission. 

Moreover, hollow-core fibers are essential in quantum key distribution networks. This is especially important for industries such as high-frequency trading, where traders are looking for even faster digital processing speeds to give them the advantage over competitors attempting to transfer large quantities of data.

HCFs also perform well in the field and can withstand various adversities without affecting data transmission. Because HCFs don’t have a silica core, back reflections reduce significantly to optimize data flow without any major inconveniences. So far, with the research going on, we might find more advantages of using HCFs than conventional optical cables. 

Why The Future Matters for Telecom Employers, Now

For telecom employers, this technology and it’s possible benefits could mean things are about to get much busier around the office. Those providers with the best talent in the industry who understand and can work with this new technology will very likely be positioned to reap the benefits. 

Even still, it’s hard to predict the profound repercussions this could have for the telecommunications job market. That is why we suggest all employers in the industry, whether they’re fully staffed or not, learn more about what US Tech Solution can offer Telecom companies. We can get to work now, to help you prepare for this exciting and uncertain time. At US Tech Solutions, we have the best talent to help you come up with innovative and revolutionary solutions for the big changes coming to telecommunications like hollow-core fiber. Contact us today to know more about how we can help!