What Manufacturers Need to Know About the “Made In America” Initiative

Here is a bit of good news for employers: Recently the US Commerce Department announced a series of events and initiatives targeted at companies interested in bringing jobs back to America.

One of these initiatives, the “Made In America” Initiative focuses on providing U.S. employers, especially manufacturers, with the resources and incentives to keep their jobs in America, creating opportunities for growth and prosperity here, in the United States.

Here are some of the opportunities (and challenges) this initiative could present to employers in the manufacturing sector. 

Why The Made in America Initiative?

America’s manufacturing companies have had a challenging time finding quality workers who can deliver the same quality craftsmanship that made American manufacturing famous. Add to that, the global competition that has made it nearly impossible for employers to compensate their employees, and still make a profit.

Thankfully, and not a moment too soon, there appears to be growing bipartisan support for American manufacturing.

Additionally, the US Commerce Department is trying to raise awareness about how easy it is to source American products. To this end, they’re providing more resources to show how available American Made products are, and to hopefully dispel the theory that they are poorly made or too costly. 

Now, with resources like the Alliance for American Manufacturing, it is easier than ever for America’s manufacturers to find a US supplier for raw goods. This is all part of a bigger movement to make American-made products more available, tightening our supply chain to ensure all products are truly American-built.

What “Made in America” Means for American Manufacturers

The theory is that when US companies can make their products more efficiently, and with lower overhead, they’ll make more in profits, which will, in turn, create new, better-paying jobs here on home soil.

While the US is facing a labor shortage, especially in manufacturing – with nearly a third of manufacturers reporting that they have experienced difficulty filling open positions – qualified individuals will be drawn to the improved pay and benefits.

If it works, it means the future of manufacturing in America is more promising than ever. But what about right now? What can we do for manufacturers immediately to help them get the talent they need?

That’s where we come in.

What To Look For In American Workers

As Minnesota’s premier staffing agency for manufacturing, we’ve been providing our clients the top solutions for their staffing needs. Over the years, we’ve developed the knack for identifying the best available candidate and the best cultural fit for our client’s the positions.

Here are just some of the skills and traits we look for when including candidates into our pool of premium manufacturing talent:

  1. Passion for their work and a job well done – with an intense desire to learn and grow in their field and collaborate with team members and employers.
  2. A high caliber of written and verbal communication skills and technical proficiency in math, measurements, and calculations, especially those crucial to a manufacturing/warehouse setting.
  3. A problem-solving, dynamic mindset able to develop new solutions for complex problems.
  4. Organized and able to meet deadlines and get the job done on time.
  5. Flexible and able to work well not just with other employees, but with new products and easily adapt to new processes and systems for fabrication or assembly.
  6. Professional, with a keen eye to safety protocols and able to dress appropriately for a manufacturing and warehouse environment.

That is just some of the core qualities we look for. On top of all these, we look for that special something – motivation and excitement for manufacturing and an eagerness to be a crucial part of the American Dream.

How to Find Workers in a Candidate-Driven Market?

At US Tech, we work with manufacturers to solve the persistent difficulty in finding and retaining qualified candidates.

Our goal is to connect the right people with the right opportunities for sustainable career growth and professional satisfaction.

We specialize in recruiting, staffing, and training talent across manufacturing industries and make it easy for businesses to find qualified applicants who are ready for the job. We assist with everything from recruiting candidates to training and payroll management.

We take care of the entire process, so employers don’t have to worry about anything but running their business. This allows companies interested in hiring domestically to focus on operations while we provide excellent resources for finding new talent and growing their teams.

To learn more, contact us today!